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Mum appeals to bring trapped Father home from Thai hospital

01. March 2015

A former Darwin school teacher has been left "trapped" in a Thai hospital, with no money left to pay his bills or find a way back to Australia where he can get the treatment he requires.

Now the daughter of 71-year-old Malcolm Taylor has made an impassioned public plea to raise the funds to bring him home.

Mother-of-two Susan Monaghan, who now lives in Adelaide, has been living a nightmare since January when her father fell head-first onto the pavement on the way home from a bar in Bangkok.

The former school teacher from Darwin was initially taken by ambulance to a local hospital in the Thai capital.

Thai officials then transferred Mr Taylor to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, a private hospital, under the false assumption he had expat medical insurance.

The private hospital bills have skyrocketed to about $80,000, according to his daughter, and neither Mr Taylor nor his family are able to pay them.

The hospital has offered to waive the fees if his family can organise his transfer from the facility as soon as possible, but that raises another problem; due to the 71-year old's precarious condition, he requires a medical evacuation back to Australia. Mrs Monaghan has been quoted $57,000 to organise the procedure.

Currently the 71-year-old is receiving only basic free care at the hospital instead of the proper rehabilitation required to be able to eat and walk on his own again.

Between airfares to Thailand, legal advice and other bills, she says the situation has left her in dire financial trouble.

"I've exhausted all my own money. My credit cards are maxed out," Mrs Monaghan told 9news.com.au. 

So the Adelaide mum has decided to share her story on Facebook. She's included a link to a page where people can donate money so the former teacher can return to Australia where insurance will cover him to get the treatment he requires.

"The response has been incredible. Most of the donations have come from former students of his in Darwin where he used to teach," Mrs Monaghan said.

By Thursday morning more than $12,000 had been raised, but more than $40,000 is still required.

If you would like to help bring Susan Monaghan's father Malcolm home, donations can be made by visiting http://www.gofundme.com/bringmalcolmhome

Dont allow yourself to fall into a similar circumstances and hope that others will be able to assist - if you intend travelling to or are resident in a foreign country make sure to purchase either travel insurance travel insurance or comprehensive expat medical insurance.

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