Our offshore expat savings plans are:

totally transparent and avoid opaque charges

have total flexibility - increase, decrease, stop & start as you see fit all of course without cost or penalty

are non-contractual meaning you are not locked into a contract with high charges

funds are accessible at any time & penalty free

select from 5 risk graded model portfolios

ESG risk graded model portfolio options available

invest from as little as USD500 per month

We DO NOT recommend long term savings plans issued by life assurance companies.

Like ourselves there are some professional financial planning practitioners that know all too well the disadvantages of using long term savings plans issued by the larger life assurance companies.

James from Tailor made pensions in the UK explains in his video why they and ourselves avoid recommending such contracts to clients.

Listen carefully to James as he highlights the all important issues confronting savers.


Covering The Costly Pitfalls Of Contractual Savings Plans


The recommended offshore saving plan options.

  • Contractual savings plans (still) offered by the large life assurance companies often trap clients into high charging 'term' contracts as James outlines in the above video.

    We believe that savings regimes should allow clients to dictate the timing and scheduling of their personal savings without penalties - this type of structure is far more suited to todays fast changing working landscapes.

  • Life company glossy brochures discuss ‘premium holidays’ - ’stop / start’ facilities - ‘loan backs’ and many other ‘flexibility features’. However what is rarely explained in those same brochures are the costs to implement such payment ‘features’ and the additional drag these fees have on your savings outcomes. Sadly clients need to dig deep into product terms and conditions to understand contract wording to fully appreciate these feature charges.

  • Single premium costed plans and DFM portfolios however are, by their very nature, easily understood, fully transparent and strip away tiers of unnecessary charges.

  • For those also concerned with environmental issues, ESG savings compliant portfolios are also available.

    The new transparent and cost effective expat savings plan solutions.

    As you would expect of a transparent and cost effective expat savings plan solution you are able to quickly identify what is being charged and the amounts.

    If you are seriously considering implementing a savings regime that provides access to FCA regulated investment managers and funds in cost effective structures, you owe it to yourself to get in contact with us.

    We will advise and guide you on the options available to meet your specific requirements and your savings budget.

    Contact us now to discover how non-contractual cost effective savings can benefit you far more where it matters most - your financial outcomes.