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Property Investing - Different Thinking For Different Times

18. September 2021

Andrew Jones, CEO and co-founder of LondonMetric refers to the owners of high street retail property as holding “melting ice cubes” in this engaging video presentation.


What is your tipple? It’s on the house

01. June 2021

Many have said central banks are the punch bowl for markets. Loosely speaking this means central banks have been pumping money into markets in such volume that the equity rally is almost entirely propped up by that cash injection and, much like a huge bowl of punch at a party, it is the key factor in keeping the party going.

What Lies Beneath - Further Insight To The Passive Vs Active Investment Debate

22. December 2020

Looking back on this year, professionally and personally, I think few would say it’s been a forgettable one. The herculean strength in the stock market couldn’t stand in greater contrast to the very real pain being seen in households.

In one part, myself and TAM are elated to have been able, for almost all clients, to make back 100% of the losses sustained after that record breaking sell off in Q1. But also, in the last couple of months, see clients posting gains for the year.

What Is A Sustainable Investment Management Strategy?

16. December 2020

Sustainable investment management appears to be the new buzz term, but what does it really mean?

Surely, we have always wanted a sustainable investment management strategy i.e. investments that endure for the long term and deliver a sustainable return. But is there more to sustainable investing these days?

The Battle For The Senate In 2021

07. December 2020

Whichever political party, Democrat or Republican, wins the Senate elections double vote in Georgia in January 2021 will hold the power to control the US Senate, thus enabling them to vote down or vote through any and all US legislation and in turn define Joe Biden’s 4 years in office.

What will negative interest rates mean for investors?

25. November 2020

With the dawn of negative interest rates looming, clients sitting in cash may need to reassess their investment strategies if they wish to avoid value erosion.

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