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'Go it alone' investors

Taking account of our experience that spans in excess of 30 years, countless clients who had adopted a 'go it alone' investment path initially, advise that they had relied upon 'recommendations or 'tips' from colleagues and friends. They had not understood the painstaking 'due diligence' that is required in the selection of investment funds or themes.

What little 'research' that had occurred was generally allocating a very short period of time reading a few articles here and there and making decisions based upon scant details - these clients had seriously mis-judged the work required to perform correct analysis.

Given the complexities of these tasks such individuals could be excused as the skill sets required to perform true in depth research requires very disciplined and methodical approaches with access to important company and fund manager data that is generally not available to the general public and very expensive to obtain.

Private investors are therefore placed at an immediate disadvantage compared to professional DFM counterparts.

If you would like to discuss how a TAM portfolio may benefit your circumstance please use the button below.

Handling investment risk

Investor benefits of a TAM DFM service


Redefining portfolio transparency

The following snapshot example of a client valuation is provided to illustrate the many virtues of a TAM portfolio offering. It is not intended to illustrate nor represent potential gains or losses as these will always be market driven.

Sensitive client data has been redacted.

The full valuation document extends to over 30 pages of deep insightful data - valuation documents are available to clients via a dedicated password protected portal 365 days 24hr/7 days.

The detail level, transparency and ease with which valuations can be read is unsurpassed.

Click through the screens below to gain a better understanding of how portfolio information is presented.


    Portfolio Analysis of Movements

    This slide provides a quick overview of the position of a portfolio over a selected time period. It shows the risk rating of the portfolio, in this case GBP Balanced. All fees and expenses are clearly shown as illustrated representing just over 1%


    Management Summary

    The Management Summary provides both numeric and graphical summaries in addition to the current Top 10 fund holdings at the time of report generation. Of significant importance is the details related to liquidity - TAM never invest into illiquid assets.

    Trades 1

    Security Trades In Period (1)

    A key reporting fundamental that TAM employ is that which relates to the buy and sell trades actioned within a reporting period. The clarity and transparency of each and every trade can be clearly evidenced in this slide.

    Trades 2

    Security Trades In Period (2)

    As with the former slide what is also of major significance is the rationale behind each and every buy and sell action. TAM provide a narrative to support their reasoning for all and any action performed.


    Portfolio Valuation

    Here again clear and transparent detail regarding book costs and current market values are clearly identified in each of the market sectors that assets are held.


    Cash Account Statement

    The Cash Account Statement details to the penny all credits and debits in terms of funds sales and purchases in addition to the costs associated of operating the portfolio - all clear and all very transparent.


    Could you benefit from a TAM portfolio?

    Having reviewed an actual client valuation in the slides above, if you too feel that you could benefit from the professional services of a dedicated discretionary fund manager to enhance your investment outcomes without the headaches and retail investor costs associated with running your own portfolio of assets we would be interested to hear from you.