Taking care of employees

means taking care of business

Employee Benefit Plans

Recruit & retain key staff members

As an employer of expatriates you are acutely aware of the value key staff play in the role of your business.

  • You realise that without the dedication and work ethic that your individual employees provide to your business, your bottom line profit suffers.

  • Despite the worlds increasing unemployment rates key staff members are hard to find and even harder to retain.

  • You are also well aware that employees continually look at overall benefits packages when considering their current and prospective new roles.

Salary is just one factor in an employees considerations.

Providing such benefits not only helps you recruit the right people it helps retain them also.

We have been assisting small and medium sized companies since 1985 to formulate employee benefits packages that meet budgetary scales.

Keyman & shareholder protection.

In addition to formulating employee benefits packages we also assist employers with effecting Keyman and Shareholder protection strategies.

Such strategies ensure that a company is protected against loss of income and profits and potential business collapse.

Death or serious illness of a key director(s) or key employees can create financial and operational havoc for a company and be the catalyst of a company failure and collapse.

Get in touch and find out how we can assist you in protecting your employees and your business.

We look forward to being of service and benefit to you.