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Expat Medical Insurance

An Essential Asset whilst living or working overseas

If you are fortunate to come from a country that provides free medical cover you will be acutely aware of Governmental attempts to curb the rising costs of healthcare provisions.

We read, almost on a daily basis, about service cuts, hospital closures and waiting lists that now extend to months and even years in some cases.

If your intention is to return home to receive free medical treatment be aware that returnee expats are very often denied treatments.

Expat medical insurance plans are designed to provide that all important financial protection when you need hospitalisation treatments and care.

Please visit our expat travel insurance page if you require medical insurance for short periods of travel up to one year


5 Comprehensive Packages


3 Comprehensive Packages

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5 Comprehensive Packages

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3 Comprehensive Packages

Review The Latest Covid-19 Medical Insurance Updates

For travellers and expats concerned with the Covid-19 pandemic and how it may affect your medical insurance plans please click on the links to obtain the latest information releases:

Is expat medical insurance needed if you are fit and healthy?

Hopefully whilst reading this you are in good shape and you are fit and healthy - the trouble is that guaranteeing you remain fit and healthy is impossible !!

Sadly we are all subject to what life throws at us and often when we least expect it :

  • unforeseen accidents
  • a sudden illness
  • a critical illness diagnosis

these are events that we do not plan or schedule for, but they are events that occur daily and for many people.

Being an expat does not provide immunity - take a look at the case of Peter Robinson - a retired fireman who suffers an unexpected stroke in Manila without medical insurance nor the financial resource to handle it.

This is just one example of countless expat catastrophies which we witness all too often.

Not all insurance contracts are 'born equal'

Having read this far you will have recognised that the sudden impact of hospitalisation could be devastating for your finances.

You may have recognised that owning expat medical insurance is an essential product for financial protection.

The selection of your medical insurance provider and the plan chosen is also extremely important as it will have long-lasting implications.

Take advantage of our experience and expertise

Our 30+ years of advising expat clients in relation to their medical insurance and the associated claims experiences we have built up, enable us to offer an unrivalled service in helping you select the most appropriate provider and plan specific for your circumstances.

We choose only to advise on those companies that have proven and demonstrable track records of service.

We are not a 'cost-compare' advisor - price is important but so are:

Our experience and rigorous due diligence enables us to recommend contracts that will provide the protection you require when the need arises.

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Typical Treatment Costs

Research shows that the cost of medical treatment varies widely around the world but even in the less expensive countries you can find yourself saddled with substantial and crippling costs - see below.


Don't get caught out

Global Health Care Cost Indicators

Common medical treatments can cost thousands

Global research of healthcare costs has found that many popular destinations for expats have some of the highest hospital charges in the world.

Surveys looking at the costs for short stays in hospital to treat issues such as stomach problems, gastroenteritis, ear infections and hospital treatment for broken bones revealed that the costs of medical care vary significantly but even in ‘cheaper’ countries you could still face huge bills.

Cardiac Arrest

Singapore $8,500
Beijing $12,800
Cancum $21,300

Acute Appendicitis

Bahamas $3,800
Costa Rica $9,500
Chile $10,200

Femur Fracture

Portugal $8,400
Austria $16,900
Thailand $44,800


Austria $25,000
Sydney $75,500
Beijing $94,500


Liberia $3,100
Kenya $4,000
Korea $6,200


China $1,300
Togo $1,600
Thailand $2,000


Due to liability insurance issues airlines have no option but to refuse sick passengers from boarding.


If you have not been resident in the UK new Government rules allow the NHS to refuse treatment


Do you really want to be subject to queues and waiting lines that could impact treatment & even survival?