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The articles section on CSM Expat Financial Planning's website offers comprehensive coverage on topics pertinent to expatriates and their financial planning needs.

The blog features detailed insights on personal financial protection, including life assurance, critical illness, and medical insurance. Investment-related content addresses global economic issues, investment trends, ESG factors, and the state of financial markets. The primary aim of these articles is to keep expatriates informed, enabling them to make well-informed financial planning decisions.

Police Officer did not expect colon cancer at age 26

25 August 2018

At just 26-years-old Officer DePasquale said he “didn’t expect” to be handed a stage-four cancer diagnosis at his age, which came soon after starting a new job.

Colon Cancer Patients Suffer Low Job Retention

01 February 2016

After a colorectal cancer diagnosis, patients may experience low rates of job retention, according to a research letter published in JAMA.

Cancer Makes It Hard To Keep Your Job & Pay The Bills

01 January 2016

Before she developed a breast tumor, Tara Cernacek assumed that anyone who was diagnosed with cancer would want to quit their job and stay home.

Fired From Her Job After Cancer Diagnosis

01 December 2015

A breast cancer diagnosis is traumatic in itself - imagine the mental anguish that occurs if you are then fired from your job!!

Financial Side Effects Of Cancer Treatments

01 December 2015

The last thing any parent is going to think when their child gets a diagnosis of cancer is: "This might ruin us financially."