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What is an International Driving Permit?

An international drivers license, also known as an international driving permit (IDP), is a document that allows you to drive a motor vehicle in foreign countries. It serves as a translation of your home country's driving license and is recognised in over 150 countries that are part of the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic as well as all major care rental companies.

For example the following rental car companies are just a small selection that accept and approve the IDP.

• dollar
• Budget
• Enterprise

• Sixt
• Thrifty
• Turo
• Europcar
• National
• Drivalia

Obtaining an international drivers license is a crucial step for travellers planning to drive in foreign countries. By following the step-by-step guide, providing the required documentation, and understanding the rules and regulations of your destination country, you can ensure a hassle-free driving experience abroad.

Don't forget to research and adhere to the specific driving requirements of each country you visit to stay safe and compliant on the road. Get your international drivers license today and enjoy the freedom to explore new destinations behind the wheel!

The video guide below will explain the importance of an international drivers license, the application process, and how to obtain one seamlessly.

The Digital IDP takes just 24 hours to issue.


A Video Introduction To International Driving Permits


Choose Between Hard Copy & Digital Permits

Hard Copy
International Driving Permit

Choosing the hard copy IDP you will receive the following:


A plastic ID card

With residence address and date of birth


Translation booklet and mobile application

Where your driver license is translated into 70 languages (29 in a booklet and all 70 in a mobile app).

International Driving Permit

Choosing the digital IDP you will receive the following:


Digital ID card

With residence address and date of birth


PDF booklet and mobile application

Where your driver license is translated into 70 languages.

Price options

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Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions related to International Driving Permits

  • General
    • What is the International Driver's document?

      The IDD is ideal for traveler's visiting multilingual destinations. No test is required and the IDD is valid for up to three years. This document is used in conjunction with, but does not replace,your valid national license; it is a translation of your driver’s license in three formats:

      1. an ID card;
      2. a translation booklet produced in compliance with UN standards for document size, colour and format, with translation into 29 languages;
      3. and mobile phone app.

      The Mobile app has a digital copy of your valid driving license and translation into 70 languages in your smartphone, so no internet connection required. The International Driver’s Document is commonly known as the International Driver’s License.

    • What are the benefits of having the International Driver’s License?

      The IDD is ideal for travellers visiting multilingual destinations. This non-official document will help you, in conjunction with your current valid driver’s license, to register a car and rent a vehicle in many countries.

    • Is this document a valid form of identification or does it replace my state or government issued driver's license?

      No. The IDD is a non-official and non-governmental document and it does not substitute your state or government issued driver's license or photo ID. This supplementary document simply acts as a translation and the digital storage of your valid national driver's license.

    • Can I exchange my National Driver License with the International Driver Document?

      No, the International Driver Document doesn't replace or change your national driver’s license. It is just a complement, a non-official translation of your national driver’s license. You still must use your national driver’s license to drive outside of your country.

    • Are there any exceptions regarding the acceptance of the IDD internationally?

      In China and Japan the document is not accepted. We recommend that you verify the requirements for each destination as the requirements vary from country to country and state to state.

    • My driver's license will expire soon, may I still apply for the IDD?

      No, unfortunately. In order to apply for the IDD you must present a national driving permit valid for 30 days or more from the issue date of the IDD.

    • Can I rent a car with this document?

      Usually yes. However, as requirements vary from region to region, you are advised to inquire directly with car rental companies. For example Alamo - Avis - dollar - Budget - Enterprise - Sixt - Thrifty - Turo - Europcar - National - Drivalia and many other global companies all recognise the IDP

    • Can I purchase car insurance with the IDD?

      Usually yes. However, as requirements vary from region to region, you are advised to inquire directly with local insurances companies.

    • Can I register a car with this document?

      Usually yes. However, as requirements vary from region to region, you are advised to inquire directly with local TAG Agencies.

    • My physical International license issued was lost/stolen, do I have to apply again?

      You can contact our customer service by chat or email and ask for a reprint of your current physical International Driver’s License. Please make sure to confirm your shipping address so the document will not be lost. The cost for the reprint is $25 (shipping not included).

    • What is an electronic (digital) International Driving License?

      The Electronic (digital) International Driving License or eIDL includes a printable PDF document of a booklet and a mobile application for Android and iOS with the translation into 70 languages.

    • How to use your electronic IDL?

      Within 24 hours after complete application and payment you will receive an email including a PDF booklet with the translation of your national driving license into 70 languages, and images of a plastic ID.

      Right after that you will be able to use your eIDL in the mobile IDA Keeper app for iOS and Android.

      If necessary, you can also print the desired pages from the PDF booklet and plastic ID images, but usually it is enough to have them on hand digitally.


      De jure, according to the United Nations Convention on road traffic, physical copy of IDL is mandatory, as there is no such notion in the UN Convention as an eIDL yet. De facto we and our clients used digital version many times, and road police and car rentals accept it. However, we advise you to choose the United Nations standard IDP if you have enough time for delivery.

      Cancelation and refund are possible only until your order is not processed. Once an order is processed, and an email with eIDL is submitted to you, our service is completed, and the respective PDF file shall be considered exploited and shall become non-redeemable.

  • Application
    • What do I need to apply?

      1 - Photocopy of both sides of current valid driver's license (valid for 30 days or more);
      2 - Applicant's photo in color with solid background (should not be the same photo used in your current driving license);
      3 - Completed and signed application form.

    • How can I apply?

      The application process is fast and simple. Complete the IDD application form, attach a copy of your valid driver's license, your handwritten signature and a colour ID photo, and make the payment. You can apply here online

    • What is the cost of the service?

      Please refer to our current pricing options here

    • How can I make a payment?

      There are convenient options for payment: credit/debit card or Paypal. When paying with credit or debit card, please make sure to enter your email address correctly so the receipt and order number are sent to your inbox.

    • Can I pay on behalf of someone else or can I pay with someone else’s credit or debit card?

      Yes, you can, but in order to proceed with processing the document as soon as possible, please make sure to email [email protected] with the first name, last name and email address of the person you paid for or paid for you.

    • Which category should I choose?

      The category must be the same as your regular driver's license.

    • Will my full name appear on my international driver's document?

      We are obliged to issue the international driver's license in the name, as it appears, on the original driver's license, as our document is an accurate translation of your driving permit.

    • What if my license has no expiration date?

      We have an updated list of countries whose national driver's license are permanent. We are only authorised to accept documents without expiration dates from these countries.

    • How can I upload or attach the required images?

      You can upload them during application or send them to us via email later.

    • The online application is not working or is going too slowly … What can I do?

      This usually happens because your images or files are too big, so please reduce the size of them in order to upload them. In case you don’t know how to reduce the size, please continue with the online application process without the images and send the images to [email protected] with the name and email address used to apply.

      Please make sure to complete all fields and check that your email address is correct because the system does not accept duplicate emails.

  • Renewal
    • I need to renew my international document online, what is the IDD number?

      The International Driver’s Document number is 10 digits long, under the barcode of your card and booklet, starting with 1027…

    • I need to renew my international document online, how can I do it?

      If you received the renewal form by email, please complete it with the IDD number, your residence and shipping address (in case they changed) and new images (in case you want an updated photo on your new license, or in case your previous national license expired).

  • Shipping
    • What is the cost of shipping?

      Continental U.S., which excludes Alaska and overseas states such as Hawaii and all US Territories, USPS service is FREE (without a tracking number).

      Federal Express within all US states cost USD 35.

      International deliveries via Federal Express costs USD 35.

      Fore more detailed information, please email us.

    • How long should I wait to receive it?

      USPS shipping in the U.S.: 5-15 business days;

      FedEx USA: 2-4 business days;

      FedEx International: 4-8 business days;

    • Can you ship the license to P.O. Boxes and APO addresses?

      The free USPS option allows delivery to P.O. Boxes and APO addresses; however, FedEx does not.

    • Can the shipping estimate time vary?

      Yes, certain restrictions imposed by customs may apply in areas such as Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

    • What happens if the USPS package is lost

      IDL Services, Inc. relinquishes all responsibilities for delays, lost, stolen or damaged documents for USPS deliveries. We highly recommend FedEx for more effective service.

    • Can I ship more than one document in the same package?

      Yes, you can ship up to 4 documents in the same FedEx package, paying just one shipping fee. You may use the “applicant comments” field to add the names of the clients that we should ship together.

    • What is the shipping cost for HAWAII, ALASKA and U.S. territories?

      Deliveries in ALASKA, HAWAII, PUERTO RICO, US VIRGIN ISLANDS, AMERICAN SAMOA and GUAM cost $35.00 via FedEx.