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By using the products and services below, either in isolation or in combination, we will assist you in creating bespoke financial planning solutions to meet your exact requirements.

We are always on hand to help and assist so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries that you may have


Financial planning is akin to project construction - it's essential to get the infrastructure correct at outset - building on fine sand only leads to disaster.

In financial planning terms this means ensuring that adequate financial protection is put in place for you and your loved ones at the beginning.

The types of protection plans to consider include :

Our client review process will identify if any of these areas need addressing in your circumstances.


Looking to start a savings regime and build funds for the future?

Whatever your savings objectives may be - a nest egg, education fees or retirement, it's imperative that cost effective and flexible solutions are used.

The following pages will introduce you to your chosen areas of interest.

Lump sum investing

Do you have an existing lump sum or portfolio that could benefit from active fund management?

Professionals with proven capability known as Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM) may be an ideal solution.

Our DFM partners TAM International and Momentum Harmony provide risk adjusted portfolios that have consistently stood the test of time.

If you seek worry free 'armchair' passive income, a ReDev Plaza investment that produces regular, steady, stable and secure income may be suitable.

Use the following links to explore further.

Portfolio Management

Tax friendly and cost-effective Offshore Portfolio Bonds allow you to create a diversified portfolio of funds, ETF's, stocks, shares and much more.

Structured Notes too have become important investment vehicles for those investors that seek 'defined returns' alongside clearly 'defined risks'

The following links will provide further information on both these opportunities.