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Inheritance Tax Interest Rate Increases

09 January 2023

HMRC has announced that interest on overdue Inheritance Tax (IHT) payments has doubled to 6% from January 2023

New tax penalties for overseas investors dodging tax

08 October 2018

Britain’s so-called “requirement to correct” (RTC) legislation came into force on 30 September 2018.The new law requires taxpayers to declare any foreign assets that could affect their UK income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Estate planning for your digital assets

14 February 2018

What will happen to your Facebook account when you die? What about all your photos shared on social media, your texts with loved ones, or documents on cloud-storage systems?

How to think internationally about Wills

15 November 2017

"Do you have a will, and is it up-to-date?" - without a relevant Will, it is difficult to plan clearly for life’s later events; and not even life’s self-confessed singletons are immune from such considerations.

5 common mistakes UK expats make with domicile and tax

19 July 2017

British expats still have some crucial misunderstandings about domicile status and tax positions that could leave them and their loved ones financially exposed and even land them in trouble with HM Revenue & Customs, warns Rachael Griffin at Old Mutual Wealth.

OBR Reports Increase In Number Of Families Paying IHT

01 February 2016

According to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) the number of UK families paying IHT on death has reached a 35 year high.  The main driver of this is the surge in UK house prices.