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Philippine Medical Nightmare - Critically Ill & A Long Way From Home

The tragic story of Peter Robinson - retired fire-fighter aged 66 suffers a stroke in Manila - without medical insurance


The medical costs continue to mount

Peter does not have medical insurance, and his family say the hospital have told them they cannot discharge him until his medical bills are paid.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office told ITV News Anglia that this is a situation they have seen before, and that anyone travelling abroad should make sure they have insurance.

Peter had the stroke on the 9th of June..So far the charge for his hospital bed is £6400.His medication costs up to £250 per day and there's a charge for each visit by a doctor or nurse. So far the total is £900.

The hospital has asked for £2400 to perform a tracheostomy, and gastrostomy.The family are using Peter's pension to pay for some of those costs, but say they are mounting by the day.

A trained flight nurse has offered to escort Peter home free of charge, but for the flight they have been quoted almost £19,000.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office say they are aware of Peter's situation, and are giving consular assistance. The family say they just wish he had medical insurance.

"It doesn't make sense to go anywhere abroad for either a holiday or any length of time without insurance..

Please note the contents of the following video are distressing.


(Courtesy Of the ITV Network in the UK)