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No money to pay for cancer treatments

09 September 2019

A dying dad, aged just 38, is unable to acquire the drugs that could possibly save or double his life expectancy from the UKโ€™s NHS.

This blog provides the background to Adams's thought provoking story and asks "should we as expats consider more carefully the role of critical illness insurance to ensure such funds are available?"

Tessie Sylvester, widowed the day she received cancer diagnosis, dies at 38

15 May 2019

Tessie Sylvester was calling the undertakers regarding her newly deceased husband. Then her Dr called advising she had cancer. โ€œIt doesnโ€™t look good,โ€ the Dr said.

Police Officer did not expect colon cancer at age 26

25 August 2018

At just 26-years-old Officer DePasquale said he โ€œdidnโ€™t expectโ€ to be handed a stage-four cancer diagnosis at his age, which came soon after starting a new job.

British national highlights risks of not having medical insurance.

31 January 2018

British expat Graham Briar who says not having medical insurance is 'just one of those things' now pleads for financial help for his heart surgery.

Dive Instructor Fighting For Life After Stroke

11 September 2017

Dan Johnson, 39 an Oxford University maths graduate and dive instructor fights for his life after a massive stroke without adequate medical insurance.

Cancer sufferer battles bosses for not working during treatment.

11 July 2017

Eimear Coghlan has won a ยฃ50,000 legal battle against her former employers after they harassed her for taking time off to get life-saving treatment.