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Fund Manager Video Updates

Investment market updates from leading Discretionary Fund Managers

Our Discretionary Fund Manager Video updates below are provided as a further source of market insight.These are designed to assist you to quickly assimilate global market movements.Each of our discretionary fund manager (DFM) partners discuss their views market events and also how they are reacting to them to shape client portfolios.

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Momentum Harmony

Glyn Owen
Investment Director

Glyn provides a full global review of Q4 2018 and the year in full.

Glyn also outlines the challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed moving forward into 2019.

December 2018

Duration 12 mins

TAM Asset Management

James Penney
Senior Investment Manager

James tells us what he believed to be the main challenges for investing in 2018, the headlines currently dominating the news and why they're not making him nervous.

James also discusses TAM's intentions for navigating the markets as we enter 2019, and all that there is to remain positive about for the new year.

December 2018

Duration 4 mins