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Critical Illness - The 1 In 3 Probability


We all know the statistics right ?

“1 in 3 men will develop a life-threatening cancer”

“A new case of cancer is diagnosed every 4 minutes”

“Every year over 330,000 people in Germany have a heart attack or contract cancer”

“1 in 2 Canadian heart attack victims are under age 65”

“75% of males survive more than 5 years after a heart attack”

Every year in the UK there are 100,000 strokes. 75% are still alive a year later”

Ask yourself the following questions :

  • If you dont have medical insurance - who pays your hospital bills ?
  • who pays for your health care expenses not covered by employer and government plans ?
  • who pays for your additional expenses incurred due to the illness – e.g. travel, child care ?
  • whor replaces your lost income for a spouse or parent to take time off to provide care ?
  • who pays your mortgage and other debt repayment commitments ?
  • if your spouse or partner is diagnosed do you have the financial resource to stop working and provide the care and support desperately needed ?

Still not sure you need critical illness protection ?

Susans Breast Cancer

Duration 4 mins

A New Zealander unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer talks about the massive disruption to her life and business and how insurance played a part in providing choices.

Bill's Prostate Cancer

Duration 3 mins

Aged 46 and married with 3 young children is devastated when a PSA test result confirms prostate cancer. Bill explains the choices his critical illness policy provided him and his family.

Alan's Multiple Schlerosis

Duration 3 mins

Alan purchased critical illness protection for himself and explains what its been like transitioning from somebody who sold critical illness plans to becoming a claimant with MS.

Duration 4 mins

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer Laura now has to additionally contend with a loss of income after being fired by her employer