Financial Planning


Redev Plazas
For Passive Investment Income

Features & Benefits

Enjoy immediate passive investment income from a ReDev plaza paid bi-annually (5-7% pa dependent on plaza chosen)

Additional capital gains are realised upon the sale or re-financing of the plaza

You become a co-owner in your selected plaza

Low risk for peace of mind

Typically 4 - 7 year exit strategy

No hassle - armchair investment

Triple-net leases (tenants pay costs)

Long tenant leases (5-20 years)

Historical average of 140% ROI (return on investment) when plaza sold or refinanced

Strict commercial Canadian law

Growing demand - limited supply

    • Due Diligence

      ReDev focus on plaza properties with value-add potential, valuations below market value and located in growing neighbourhoods with an improving business climate.


      ReDev develop an investment thesis to identify source of value in transactions, analyze risk profile, geographic and overall economic trends.


      ReDev perform comprehensive valuations, lease reviews, tenant interviews and thorough analysis of third party reports.

      ReDev purchase every shopping plaza before it's offered to investors. All plazas are profitable and fully, or near fully leased - average occupancy of all ReDev Plazas is 97%. Investors can rest assured that ReDev have carried out the most extensive due diligence possible which includes :

      • Background checks on previous owners
      • Environmental engineering tests
      • Checks to ensure the correct ratio of established tenants and well-known brands such as government, banks, large retailers of everyday consumables
      • Local vehicular traffic count
      • Age and condition of building
      • Age, occupation and income of local population
      • Potential land and industrial development projects
      • Shadow anchor tenants

    • Plaza Upgrades

      ReDev’s exceptional long standing relationships with strategic partners allows them to negotiate favourable financing terms on acquisitions and mitigate investment risk through non-recourse financing.


      ReDev seek to increase cash flow and increase asset values by optimizing yield return and increasing equity value over time. This is achieved by building additional PAD sites, repurposing and renovation.


      ReDev seek to increase cash flow and increase asset values by optimizing yield return and increasing equity value over time. This is achieved by building additional PAD sites, repurposing and renovation.

    • Exit Strategies

      ReDev’s goal is to maximize returns and to communicate with investors to ensure goals and objectives are aligned to guide an exit strategy. A tax efficient strategy is crucial in achieving our goal, hence, we have formulated a two stage exit process.


      First, ReDev refinance the property at a higher valuation than original purchase price - excess funds are distributed back to investors in a tax efficient way. This allows investors to realize a substantial cash distribution from equity built up over the years whilst still maintaining their ownership claim to the income and cash flows from the property.


      Finally, after ReDev have completed all value-add initiatives, the property is then sold - typically for a significant profit.

    • Why Canada?

      Canada has considerably less retail space when compared to the United States.The increased demand for the available retail space therefore generates a higher per sq.ft. income in Canada.

      The real estate market and economy in Canada continues to expand.

      Investors and realtors alike have witnessed extraordinary opportunities in commercial real estate investment in the past few years. ReDev anticipate investments to result in excellent overall risk-adjusted returns through a combination of high current income and value creation.

      ReDev Properties are known for their well-timed investment strategies, ability to maintain strong relationships with clients, and exceptional industry reputation. Due to these reasons, ReDev have secured an advantageous position in target markets that present an exclusive lineup of profitable investment opportunities.

    • Why ReDev?

      Founded in 2001 by Richard Crenian, ReDev Properties have an exceptional track record of successfully owning, developing and managing over $2.5 billion in real estate properties across Canada.

      ReDev Properties are dedicated to providing partners and investors both access and expertise to succeed in the Canadian commercial real estate market.

      ReDev Properties take a hands-on approach to investing, developing, and managing commercial real estate for global partners and investors.

      ReDev focus on commercial real estate which enables them to have deep expertise and knowledge in the industry.

      ReDev are committed to creating value in properties in regions that are sometimes overlooked. ReDev invest their own capital alongside partners and investors in every deal they do, ensuring that their interests are fully aligned with investors at all times.

      ReDev believe in the power of collective intelligence, bringing multiple perspectives and depth of expertise to the sector. ReDev are proud of their entrepreneurial culture that fosters investment innovation, collaboration and teamwork.

      ReDev take great pride in the skill and professionalism of their people where integrity is at the heart of their organization.

    • ReDev People

      Richard Crenian - CEO

      Richard Crenian is the Founder and President of ReDev Properties. Ltd.

      Richard and the Company work to closely partner with high net worth individuals, family offices and institutions for joint venture opportunities, and is always looking for future projects to assist with developers and acquisitions on equity, financing and business expertise.

      For over a decade, Mr. Crenian has participated in supporting the Scotiabank Pro-Am Hockey Tournament in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. In 2015, Mr. Crenian created and funded the Baycrest Match My Gift Campaign with the Baycrest Foundation. The campaign allows every donor to give generously and see their donations doubled through Mr. Crenian’s support.

      Currently part of the YPO Ontario GOLD Chapter, Mr. Crenian is involved in various activities within the organization.

      He is devoted to sharing his experience and developing the next generation of great minds. He has served as a Governor for Junior Achievement Saskatchewan and formerly sat on the advisory board of the University of Saskatchewan, College of Commerce. He helped launched and is currently mentor of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, formerly the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Saskatchewan, Edmonton and Toronto. He is also a mentor for Next Canada, a non-profit organization supporting Canada’s new entrepreneurs.

      Mr. Crenian’s philanthropic support extends to include the Daily Food Bank, Sunnybrook Hospital Toronto and the Covenant House to name a few.


      Catherine Moran,CPA,CA

      Catherine Moran is the Chief Financial Officer for ReDev Properties Ltd. and is responsible for the overall financial direction of the Company, including all aspects of financial reporting, planning, treasury, taxation, accounting and office management.

      Catherine has over 25 years of experience in finance. Over the last 15 years her main focus has been in real estate.

      Prior to joining ReDev, Catherine held the following positions: Chief Financial Officer of Greenwin Inc (property management company), VP of Finance of Transglobe Real Estate Investment Trust and VP of Finance of Counsel Corporation (public investment company). These companies were active in commercial and residential real estate acquisitions and dispositions, residential and commercial developments, mezzanine real estate lending, re-financing, asset management and property management. Catherine holds a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Toronto and holds a CA/CPA designation.


      Gary Hudson,CPA,CA

      Gary Hudson is the Director of Asset Management at ReDev Properties Ltd. He is responsible for overseeing the successful day-to-day implementation of the overall corporate asset management strategy for each of the company’s properties under management. His duties include financial analysis of leases and potential value-add opportunities, overseeing the management of the properties and providing strategic guidance to third party property managers/leasing agents.

      CPA and CA certified, he also has over 30 years of industry experience, especially in executive level property management and owner level strategic planning. Additionally, Gary has worked with over hundreds of major institutional and private commercial property owners.

      Effective in asset and portfolio management, strategic asset planning, revenue enhancements, mergers and acquisitions, Gary can successfully secure industry leading total returns with low levels of risk.


      Darwin Forer - Vice President

      Darwin Forer is the Vice President at ReDev Properties Ltd., Asia. Based in Hong Kong, Darwin provides strategic sales guidance for the Asian market. He is the point of contact for the Company’s external sales agents and manages the various offices in Asia

      Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Darwin studied mechanical engineering and has experience in various industries from real estate development, mining, oil and gas to agriculture.

      In 2003, Darwin made the move to establish offices in Hong Kong to further expand and garner the company’s presence in the Asian market


      Janice Lee - Senior Associate Investor Relations

      Janice Lee is the Assistant Manager of investor relations at ReDev Properties Ltd., Asia. Based in Hong Kong, she is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Janice is the point of contact for the Company’s partners, responsible for reporting, correspondence and administration.

      Before moving to Hong Kong, Janice grew up in Toronto, Ontario receiving her Bachelors of Arts in Economics from the University of Toronto.