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Inflation Impacts Construction Business

28 June 2022

Berkley Group, one of the UK’s largest home builders, recently announced that the number of new homes being built in London could halve in the coming years because of these rising costs. With a lack of new supply entering the market, competition for existing space may intensify, enabling landlords to take advantage as supply and demand dynamics shift across sub-sectors.

Striking A Chord

21 June 2022

To deliver successful returns for shareholders, it is essential that companies are willing to put shareholder capital at risk, invest in the future and take bold decisions.

Emerging Market Opportunities

14 June 2022

The landscape for emerging market opportunties exists but it is worth repeating that starting valuations matter, but only with a strong emphasis on future long-term returns.

Remaining In Safe Hands

02 June 2022

James Penny, CIO of TAM Asset Management provides his thoughts and updates on how TAM portfolios have fared during the recent market turbulence and how TAM portfolios are positioned going forward.

Upside Down Investment World

30 May 2022

Looking at markets right now feels like we may have slipped into some sort of upside down alternative dimension...

Mispriced Investment Assets

23 May 2022

There is often a level of expectation placed upon investment fund managers to fully understand everything that is going on and, worse still, to have Sage like skills in predicting the future.

Investment Ventures Overseas

16 May 2022

In South Africa the central bank has relaxed overseas investment limits. South Africans and all investors should question the risks that come with a portfolio invested overseas, and how best to manage them.

Central Bank Gets Serious About Interest Rates

09 May 2022

After the first 50bps interest rate rise by the Fed in over 20 years (with more to come) and the announcement of quantitative tightening starting in June, there is no doubt that the Fed is getting serious about containing inflation.

Footballing Investment Analogy

25 April 2022

Sporting events often bring people together and teach us the importance of values and hard work. If we look at successful sports teams or individuals, there are lots of similarities that can be drawn between them and professional investors.

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