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Soft Or Hard Landing Ahead?

06 November 2023

Ask any seasoned investor and they will tell you this year has been particularly tricky to call. the market over the coming quarters will pivot off two main outcomes: A soft, or a hard landing. Right now, it's so hard to call that some economists and pros have given up trying.

What should investors take from this? Phil Hadley provides his insight to the mix

The Risk of Outperforming Markets

28 June 2023

On face value the US market is up this year so itโ€™s certainly a victory for the optimists but ask any portfolio manager about this market and they will tell you itโ€™s not been this confusing for a very long time - James Penney CIO of TAM Asset Managers warns about the inherent risks related to following the markets.

Is China Too Big To Ignore?

16 May 2023

Is there a sentiment change occurring regarding investments into China since Covid? Francis Banzon-Kamara examines the challenges and opportunities in the new investment arena post Covid where the rhetoric is changing.

ESG Down But Not Out

28 October 2022

It's not all doom and gloom in the world of ESG investment as Daniel Babingtom - Senior Fund Analyst at TAM Asset Management explains regarding their recent ESG portfolio performance.

Down The Rabbit Hole

11 October 2022

Investment liquidity, or rather lack of investment liquidity, is an aspect many investors fall foul of and very often at great expense. Lester Petch CEO of TAM Asset Management provides thoughts and commentary on this 'rabbit hole'.

What On Earth Just Happened To The Pound

03 October 2022

Recent events will likely go down in history as a memorable moment in the UK, akin to that of a 2008 crash moment - one which people will be talking about for decades to come, but what happened?