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Remaining In Safe Hands

02 June 2022

James Penny, CIO of TAM Asset Management provides his thoughts and updates on how TAM portfolios have fared during the recent market turbulence and how TAM portfolios are positioned going forward.

Team Transitory Vs Team Permanent

25 January 2022

TAM UK CIO James Penny looks back at the year that was 2021 and takes stock of what lessons were learnt from an investment management standpoint and how they may shape the year to come.

US CPI Hits Number 7

17 January 2022

Just days into the year the US CPI (Consumer Price Index) has hit 7%, a number not seen since the 80s, and the volatility in markets is already eye watering - TAM Asset Management CIO James Penny explains more.

Timing The Market Vs Time In The Market

12 December 2021

Time in the markets has proven consistently to outperform those who try to 'time the markets'. Learn more about how costly it can be for investors when trying to time markets.

TAM Asset Management - Ask Us Anything

21 September 2021

A compelling, passionate, frank and straight talking Q&A session with TAM Asset Managements CEO Lester Petch and CIO James Penny.

Understanding Investment Risk Washing

11 June 2021

“Risk Washing” is the process of disguising or ‘mislabelling’ the true underlying risks underpinning an investment portfolio.

Without understanding these fundamentals, investors can be exposed to risks that they may not have signed up for.

Are you fully cognisant of the risks your investment portfolio is taking?

What is your tipple? It’s on the house

01 June 2021

Many have said central banks are the punch bowl for markets. Loosely speaking this means central banks have been pumping money into markets in such volume that the equity rally is almost entirely propped up by that cash injection and, much like a huge bowl of punch at a party, it is the key factor in keeping the party going.

Taking a look under the hood of active fund management

23 April 2021

In this article James Penney Chief Investment Officer at TAM Asset Management provides investors for a feel of what active fund management really looks like by taking a look at one of the many brilliant companies TAM clients are invested in.

TAM Talks - 2020 Hindsight And 2021 Outlook

13 January 2021

TAM CIO James Penny and CEO Lester Petch look back at the year that was 2020 and discuss the winners and losers during the pandemic year.

The two also discuss the potential opportunities that lie ahead in 2021 and beyond from an investment standpoint.

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