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The articles section on CSM Expat Financial Planning's website offers comprehensive coverage on topics pertinent to expatriates and their financial planning needs.

The blog features detailed insights on personal financial protection, including life assurance, critical illness, and medical insurance. Investment-related content addresses global economic issues, investment trends, ESG factors, and the state of financial markets. The primary aim of these articles is to keep expatriates informed, enabling them to make well-informed financial planning decisions.

Acute Onset Of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

11 July 2024

When planning international travel, many individuals face a common dilemma of how to protect themselves against unexpected medical emergencies, particularly those related to pre-existing conditions. This is where the 'acute onset' benefit in travel medical insurance policies becomes a game-changer.

A Guide To Understanding Medical Insurance Underwriting

02 July 2024

Unsure about full medical vs. moratorium underwriting for health insurance? Feeling lost in the world of premiums and pre-existing conditions? This guide cuts through the confusion! Discover the key differences between these two options, their pros and cons, and ultimately - which one is right for YOU!

Learn the difference in medical insurance excess wording

31 May 2024

Policy excess wording will have a significant impact on how a medical insurance claim is treated and reimbursed. Learn the critical differences between plan excess types.

Superyacht Worker Sustains Life Changing Injuries After Horror Motorcycle Accident In Thailand

02 April 2024

Superyacht worker, Adrian Wallace aged 34, sustains life changing injuries after a horrific motorcycle accident whilst holidaying in Thailand nessitatiing a medical evacuation back to his home country UK

Medical Evacuation Process

02 November 2023

This article sets out to clarify and debunk many misconceptions as to how medical insurance companies handle medevac situations.

Emergency medical evacuation is a vital part of any expat's medical coverage, especially if residing or travelling in a country with limited medical services that may not be up to the standards you would expect at home.

Not Using Medical Insurance Emergency Numbers Can Cost You Thousands

10 May 2023

A recent client claim in Nepal has, once again, raised the importance of why it's essential to use emergency telephone numbers from medical or travel insurance plan providers when disaster strikes - overlooking this small but crucially important requirement can have extremely serious and impactful financial consequences that can cost tens of thousands of dollars!.

This article examines a specific client claim to highlight key factors that all individuals need to be aware of.