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When Cheap Medical Insurance Is Too Costly

04 January 2022

The attraction of cheap medical insurance is obvious, but very often it can turn out to be extremely costly in more ways than you might have thought.

The Power Of Expat Medical Insurance To Save Life

09 January 2021

Those that know me recognise that I am a private individual that rarely releases personal information into the social domain.

However, due to TWO recent and separate events I feel compelled to share and highlight details to illustrate the power that medical insurance has IN SAVING LIFE.

What Is Medical Evacuation Insurance Cover?

21 December 2020

If you became very ill or are injured whilst overseas, there’s always the chance that the treatment you need might not be available at the local hospital.

This is where emergency medical evacuation cover – or medevac, as it’s sometimes called – comes into effect.

Read the finer details of this very important expat medical insurance benefit.

The Covid-19 impact on travel and expat medical insurance

04 February 2020

Both travellers and expats are naturally very concerned about the impact the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is having globally.

If you are a traveller or living and working overseas find out what you need to know about the virus, travel and expat medical insurance.

Dengue Deaths Force National Alert

17 July 2019

Dengue Deaths Force National Alert In Philippines - Thailand Confirms Its Own Outbreak

Dont dive unprotected - dive insured

01 May 2019

Scuba diving without the appropriate travel medical insurance can be an extremely costly affair if the worst should happen. You don't have to risk your health or your dive trip vacation with a suitable dive insurance package.

Nurses family faced with GBP 30K bill after holiday death

09 November 2018

Nurse, Charlotte Carter aged 30, dies on girls’ holiday to Dubai after falling ill on her flight - her family now face a £30,000.00 bill to take her back to UK.

Learn the difference in medical insurance excess wording

16 March 2018

Policy excess wording will have a significant impact on how a claim is treated and reimbursed. Learn the differences between plan excess types.

British national highlights risks of not having medical insurance.

British expat Graham Briar who says not having medical insurance is 'just one of those things' now pleads for financial help for his heart surgery.

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