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Superyacht Worker Sustains Life Changing Injuries After Horror Motorcycle Accident In Thailand

02 April 2024

Superyacht worker, Adrian Wallace aged 34, sustains life changing injuries after a horrific motorcycle accident whilst holidaying in Thailand nessitatiing a medical evacuation back to his home country UK

Medical Evacuation Process

02 November 2023

This article sets out to clarify and debunk many misconceptions as to how medical insurance companies handle medevac situations.

Emergency medical evacuation is a vital part of any expat's medical coverage, especially if residing or travelling in a country with limited medical services that may not be up to the standards you would expect at home.

Not Using Medical Insurance Emergency Numbers Can Cost You Thousands

10 May 2023

A recent client claim in Nepal has, once again, raised the importance of why it's essential to use emergency telephone numbers from medical or travel insurance plan providers when disaster strikes - overlooking this small but crucially important requirement can have extremely serious and impactful financial consequences that can cost tens of thousands of dollars!.

This article examines a specific client claim to highlight key factors that all individuals need to be aware of.

How Not To Invalidate Medical Insurance Cover

05 April 2023

Another British national tourist finds himself in an intensive care unit after a moped crash with potential costs estimated at GBP 160,000.00. In this instance his insurers have refused cover. This article examines how not to invalidate medical insurance cover

Travel Medical Insurance And Motorcycle Accidents

09 December 2022

Ignoring driving license limitations can seriously affect your travel medical insurance contract when it comes to hiring or using motorcycles overseas.

When Cheap Medical Insurance Is Too Costly

04 January 2022

The attraction of cheap medical insurance is obvious, but very often it can turn out to be extremely costly in more ways than you might have thought.