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Momentum Harmony Global Sustainable Equity Fund An ESG Integrated, Direct Equity portfolio

What is ESG & Sustainability?

ESG refers to three factors which are central to a class of investing also known as “sustainable investing.”

This approach to investing incorporates a detailed assessment of a business’s governance practices as well as of its long-term impact on society and the environment.

While these are mostly non-financial factors, businesses with higher ESG standards are considered to be less risky and more likely to succeed in the long run.

Key Features of the Momentum Harmony Global Sustainable Equity Fund


Actively managed global equity strategy available at very low, passive like, cost level


Focused on businesses with better than average ESG (environment, social,governance) scores…


…and with lower environmental footprints (carbon, energy, waste and water impact)


Diversified across all major developed market sectors and regions, with circa 650 direct stock holdings


Multi-style approach (growth, value, quality, size) designed to outperform MSCI World index


Strategy implemented by Robeco, a world class quantitative investment specialist


Momentum Harmony Global Sustainable Equity Fund Allocations & Holdings


Holdings and allocations will vary over time


Sustainability inside

ESG integrated approach using a combination of positive and negative screening to achieve:

• Minimum 20% higher ESG score for the portfolio vs. MSCI World index

• Minimum 20% reduction in environment footprint of the portfolios across four dimensions: carbon, energy, waste and water

• No exposure to businesses deriving significant revenue from controversial areas*

• Sophisticated ESG scoring approach to adjust for known biases and materiality

• Enhanced engagement reflected in portfolio positioning

(* Revenue threshold for exclusion varies per activity but is 10% or less for all listed areas, except 30% in the case of nuclearpower (production))

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