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Life Assurance - what is it & who is it for ?

If you are the ‘breadwinner’ of a family you are, in essence, a walking pay cheque. You work hard, you get paid and you provide your family with all they need. If you die the pay cheque dies too. How screwed would your family be without that income?

Consider just for a moment your current debts and bills and then consider all the future expenses to come on top of those - the mortgage, the car, the household monthly bills, loans etc etc.

Without an income coming into the household would your wife and family financially survive ?

If you have savings, how long would they last before being exhausted ?

Life Insurance exists to help replace lost income – life assurance takes over the responsibility to financially protect YOUR FAMILY.

The magical thing about Life Insurance is that it allows you to continue taking care of your loved ones even though you’re no longer here.

The life changing power of life assurance benefits can never be under estimated

Watch and listen to the following testimonials - all individuals have been impacted by the sudden loss of a loved one.

Learn how life assurance has proven to be invaluable in each case.

Let us simplify the process of buying life assurance for you

Having specialised in helping expatriates obtain life assurance plans since 1985 we are extremely experienced in the life assurance market place.

We will advise and guide you through the plan selection process and assist with your application.

We are and have always been passionate about ensuring clients and their families are not left financially vulnerable.

As Winston Churchill once famously stated

Can your loved ones afford NOT to have life cover ?