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Protect Loved OnesFinancially

Life Assurance - What is it and who is it for?

Let's face it, as the breadwinner of a family you are, in essence, a walking pay cheque. You work hard, you get paid and you provide your family with all they need.

When you die the pay cheque will almost certainly die too. Imagine how your family will cope when the income dries up.

Consider your current debts and all the future expenses that will still need to be met.

  • the mortgage
  • the car expenses
  • loan repayments
  • the household monthly bills - the list goes on and on

If you have savings how long will they last?

  • a week?
  • a month?
  • a year?

And then what?

To provide for your family, substantial financial reserves will be required - where will those reserves come from?

If you care deeply about your spouse and children and wish to ensure they survive without financial hardships you need to protect your loved ones financially.

Does it not make sense to act now?

life-assurance-saying-farewell-to daddy

Your funeral could be just the beginning of their struggles

The grief felt by children can never be underestimated

  • Children can be devastated by the loss of a parent
  • The prospect of a very uncertain future awaits surviving spouses and the remaining youngsters
  • Funeral costs are only the bejinning of financial burdens

An uncertain future awaits without financial resources

Where will funding for the following expenses come from?

  • Schooling - college - universities in the years to come
  • Holidays
  • Child care - assuming the partner is forced to continue working
  • Your partner will still likely need to make savings and pension arrangements too

Many forget that husbands can be financially traumatised by partner loss

Male partners also feel the pain and suffering of financial battles

  • Surviving male spouses have their own unique set of traumas when a partner dies
  • How is a job or business maintained at the same time as being a Father?
  • Can the costs of child care be afforded?
  • Will my employer be flexible with time off work to look after the children?

Client testimonials illustrate:Life Insurance Provides Options


After Sarah's husband died she discovered he had purchased life insurance. The insurance policies allowed her the freedom to leave her job, devote her full attention to her son, and begin a new journey on a path to healing.


Coleen - a mum aged just 22 tragically killed in a road traffic accident leaving her young son Nathan behind.


Cathy's husband had the foresight to protect her and their small business with shareholder protection.

No words can capture the devastation that Stephen and his boys felt at Katie’s loss. “It’s horrible to lose your soul mate and best friend,” he says. “But I have two boys to support, and I want them to know their dad can carry on.” - Life insurance has helped with that process


Don did not plan on having a brain tumour but he had planned to protect his wife and daughters with life assurance.

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