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Life Assurance

What is it & who is it for

As the breadwinner of a family you are, in essence, a walking pay cheque. You work hard, you get paid and you provide your family with all they need.

When you die the pay cheque will almost certainly die too. Imagine how your family would cope financially without cash reserves or a regular income.

Consider your current debts and bills and then consider all the future expenses to come on top of those - the mortgage, the car, the household monthly bills, loans etc etc.

Without cash reserves or income how would your partner and family survive financially ?


if you have savings how long would they last ?

a week ?
a month ?
a year ?
and then what ?


life assurance takes responsibility to provide
YOUR FAMILY with the income they will need.


life assurance provides financial peace of mind
set your family free from :

unpaid bills
mounting debt
and stress

Family Testimonials

Sarah discusses her eternal gratitude to her husband for making adequate financial provision and allowing her to live life without worry

Coleen - a mum aged just 22 tragically killed in a road traffic accident leaving her young son Nathan behind

Cathy's husband had the foresight to protect her and their small business with shareholder protection

Don did not plan on having a brain tumour but he had planned to protect his wife and daughters with life assurance

A life assurance payout will secure your family's financial future

We simplify the process of buying life assurance

We specialise in obtaining expatriate life assurance plans to suit individual circumstances.

We streamline the plan selection process and assist with your application.

Benefit from the financial guarantees and certainty you and your family deserve.

You cannot buy life assurance when you are gone.