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Client commendations are the bedrock of our business.
It would be easy to wax lyrical about our own service standards and abilities but that would offer little value to you as a potential client. it is far better to listen to the views of long term client testimonials. Scroll the page or use the map links above to read from a small sample of testimonials directly from Linkedin.

LinkedIn Testimonial

Mr Gary Martin

Local Government Consultant
Western Australia

Gary wrote: "Recommending Paul as a trusted, professional expatriate financial planning adviser comes not from being an existing client but from witnessing Pauls’ ACTIONS in dealing with my brothers insurance and investment related issues over several years.

For more than 20 years my brother engaged Paul to help plan his financial future. Over those years, and from afar, I came to appreciate the professionalism, patience and ethics Paul applied to both his business and in assisting my brother.

At times Pauls help went way beyond the call of duty, particularly when my brother lost his sight.

Having a newly blind brother in a distant Asian country causes much personal concern, but this was relieved in so many ways by Pauls close attention to my brother’s affairs and his personal welfare.

Paul was one of the few people that not only demonstrated his true friendship but also his client loyalty.

I recall an instance in particular where much work was required to successfully claim all important critical illness benefit payments on his behalf.

The relief in having this complicated matter resolved in such a positive manner cannot be appreciated by others, but the outcome is a testimony to Pauls diligence and persistence.

After my brother sadly passed away (in an Asian rural area and far removed from family) Paul’s continuing support, help, guidance, professionalism and forceful timely interventions ensured that the beneficiaries of my brother’s estate received fast and tax‑efficient pay‑outs as was originally planned for.

I cannot speak highly enough of Pauls professionalism, probity, service and personal empathy and have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective client."

LinkedIn Testimonial

Mr Stuart Dugard

General Manager - G.E.S Solutions

Stuart wrote :"I have known and worked with Paul since 1998.

Paul has been taking care of both my personal and business related financial planning needs.

Throughout this time I have come to appreciate the hard work and diligence Paul has provided myself and family.

I have learnt that Paul is a dedicated and well read financial planning professional - he has guided me effortlessly through the sometimes complex maze of options and legislation that have applied in my circumstances with utmost ease and providing clarity that has enabled me to make those all important planning decisions.

What I value most in dealing with Paul is that he has shown dependability and longevity - he has always been there for myself and my family. He has never made promises that he has not kept - additionally he has always completed assignments thoroughly.

I have always been extremely impressed with Paul's ability to keep me informed, on track and up to date with my various programmes.

If you are looking to engage with a financial planning professional for personal or business related issues that not only has vast amounts of experience but who is trust worthy, knowledgeable, dependable and simply very personable Paul is one of those very few individuals that provides a quality service for the expatriate community."

LinkedIn Testimonial

Mr Nick Hamilton

Contract Claims Specialist
South Korea

Nick wrote: "When I first met Paul in 1998 I engaged him to advise on a number of insurance related issues that included medical, life, income and critical illness insurance to sit within my overall financial planning at the time.

Paul listened to and discussed my requirements before researching the market place and delivering the contracts that best suited my circumstances.

Those contracts, years later, remain in place albeit having been adapted along the way.

Paul’s council has always been to create a firm foundation of protection and these contracts now underpin the investment strategies we have been working on the past 15 years.

I have worked across the globe during my relationship with Paul in countries that included the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and Australia.

Despite my geographical location and moves, Paul has only ever been a mouse click or a Skype call away, Paul has always been ready, willing and able to assist when required - Paul certainly believes in and actions efficient communications at all times.

Over the years I have valued greatly Pauls professional integrity, efficiency and knowledge in the areas of financial planning.

Paul has demonstrated to me time and again that a qualified financial planning practitioner is a valuable asset all clients would benefit from - I recommend Paul to all that seek a knowledgeable and dependable advisor that has decades of valuable experience."

LinkedIn Testimonial

Mr Mirko Trefz

Subcontracts Manager - JGC

Mirko wrote : "As an expatriate with over 20 years experience in project procurement and subcontracts management on major international projects within the oil and gas industry I needed to seek advise and council on my health insurance options.

Paul was recommended to me by an existing financial planning client as an individual with specific skills and expertise within the medical insurance marketplace.

Having contacted Paul and having outlined my circumstances I was reassured by Pauls very prompt, accurate and detailed responses.

What I did find surprising however was that Paul advised a course of action that was not in his interests but was best advise for me

I will certainly return to Paul for future advise and guidance related to other financial planning issues."

LinkedIn Testimonial

Mr Gordon Brisbane

Director Project Control

Gordon wrote: "I have known and worked with Paul since 1995 when I first became an expatriate and was based in Bangkok as a Planning Manager.

Since that time Paul has worked alongside me providing a financial planning service that has been dedicated and focused to my needs and requirements.

Throughout our 19 year relationship Paul has consistently demonstrated his professional abilities and financial planning skills which in turn have enabled me to make those all important decisions in respect of insurances and investments far more easily for myself and family.

If required Paul has the ability to simply deconstruct and de-mystify much of the technical jargon and terminology that surrounds financial planning issues into an order that is easily understood and interpreted.

This fact alone has proven invaluable given the time constraints I now work under as a Director of Project Controls for a major Middle East Design and Management Consultancy.

Summary keywords & phrases : Time Saving : Focused : Integrity : Knowledgable : Efficient : Professional

LinkedIn Testimonial

Mr Colin Martin

30 Years Oil/Gas Business Development

Colin wrote : "When I am asked to comment on Paul Rowe the descriptive words that immediately spring to mind include : Professionalism - Honesty - Integrity - Diligence - Knowledgeable.

Having been a client of Paul's since the early 1990's I can confirm that he has consistently demonstrated all of the above qualities in every aspect of my financial planning life.

Some people may be aware that I tragically lost my eyesight in 2012.

Throughout this catastrophic life changing event Paul was one of the very few people that was steadfast in providing support,help and guidance both emotionally and practically.

Paul's dedicated care and attention to both myself and my financial well being were way beyond the call of duty.

At the time of going blind I had numerous insurances, some of which were related to times prior to meeting with Paul.

Despite this fact Paul stepped up and spent long hours over many months processing, emailing, telephoning and battling with my Australian insurers he had no other involvement with in order to make rightful claims on my behalf. Paul never tired and was totally resolute in achieving a positive result for me.

Without doubt had I not had Paul's intervention at such a pivotal moment in my life my situation today would be significantly different and far worse.

In Paul I have complete and utter trust and confidence in his abilities which have been tested and proven many times over.

I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Paul to anyone that seeks a consummate and dedicated professional financial planner.

LinkedIn Testimonial

Dr Ciro Isidoro

Cancer Research - Docente Universitario presso Università del Piemonte Orientale

Dr Ciro wrote : "I have been consulting Paul Rowe for financial / investment advice and for my world health insurance.I always had a prompt answer to all my doubts.Paul is not just an expert in his field, he is very accurate in explaining the pros and cons of the many solutions he proposes till you find the one that better suits your needs.

Let me add that I enjoy to deal with Paul, since he is among the few persons who replies soon (immediately !!) to the emails…and this makes much easier to come to the point.With Paul I can deal 2 or more points and get answers for all !! Dear Paul , I thank you for this.Ciro"