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Expatriate Pension Planning

Could you afford to retire today ?

If you answered “Yes” to the above question then we congratulate you - you have either worked and saved hard, invested intelligently or been very fortunate to have received financial assistance. If you answered “No” you should seriously review your circumstances and continue reading.

Ensuring that your retirement will be financially comfortable requires both an income goal and a strategy to achieve it.

Far too often many people believe retirement is a far away destination and that planning for that time can be postponed until ’tomorrow”. This is especially true for younger clients and those starting out in new careers.

The sad truth however is that with each passing month, the ability to reach any given retirement income goal becomes increasingly more costly, pension goals will require a higher funding level for the remainder of your working life if postponed.

Don't let a lack of income in retirement be a financial headache


Recent surveys now document that retired “Baby Boomers” (individuals born in the years following the Second World War) are suffering bankruptcies in skyrocketing numbers. Although complex, these reports illustrate the simple fact that retirees do not have sufficient funds or income available.

Life longevity

If the elderly bankruptcy numbers were not sufficient evidence to illustrate the looming pension income problems for those in their twenty's, thirties, forties and even fifties we also learn that the vast majority of us are now living longer.

This chart illustrates the probability of living to a specific age or beyond if you are currently aged 65.

The disappearing workforce


How many pay days do you have left ?

All too often we get wrapped up in our busy work and private lives and forget to realise how quickly time passes by. The number working days become less and less as we move forward, moving ever closer to our days in retirement.

Planning pension income has never been more important.

When looked at in this context you will come to understand that early planning action is essential to creating a liveable income when your working life comes to an end.


Don't delay start today - we'll help plan your pension income