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Pension Planning For The Expatriate

Personal pension planning - budgeting for a new life after work

Planning ones retirement and planning to ensure that sufficient income will be available to meet your requirements in later life is very important to most people. The subject itself can be complex but with help and guidance from qualified specialists such as ourselves the path to achieving a comfortable income in retirement need not be a troublesome.

We have been assisting clients since 1985 to reach and attain their retirement income objectives - we are here to assist you too.

Choices, choices, choices

There are many roads one can take to reach a destination - even more so when it comes to setting up a retirement income roadmap

Each clients objectives and circumstances are unique - we understand and respect this fact.

As such, no one retirement income planning solution is perfect for everybody.

A bespoke approach is far more beneficial to most provided it takes into account both the expected and unexpected life changes along the way.

How many pay days do you have left ?

You may be surprised at how few pay days remain between now and when you retire.

We have produced an infographic entitled "How many pay days do you have left ?" - you may just want to have a look !!

If you would like us to undertake a review of your current plans or take that first step towards creating a flexible , efficient and cost effective pension planning solution - make contact today and use the button below..

Be sure to keep abreast of all the latest information related to retirement planning by visiting our blog posts - these updates can have significant impact on your financial well-being.

Discussing your objectives

With increased life expectancy, coupled with historically low interest rates, will require you to save more that previous generations.

You may have to accept retiring later or anticipate a reduced standard of living if you delay saving.

You may have to adopt riskier investment practices if you delay saving also.

In 1980 a male retiring aged 65 would have expected to live for an additional 10 years.

Today the additional life expectancy for a 65 year old male is 18 years.

It may seem hard to believe but for a married couple currently aged 65 and in good health, there is now a one in four chance that one of them will live to 99.

Couple that with the fact that prevailing annuity rates in 1980 were approximately 15% and today are down and lower than 3% - it is clear that individuals need to make sure that their capital is working as early and as efficiently as possible.

The good news is that we are living longer; the bad news however is that we are also living longer!

Discussing your objectives with a qualified professional financial planner should be your first decision !!

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