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Award Winning Bespoke Discretionary Fund Management

TAM Asset Management

TAM Asset Management are an award-winning specialist in discretionary investment management, offering innovative and forward thinking investment solutions to individual clients and institutions.TAM manage assets for; private clients, insurance companies, pension schemes, trust companies, charities and other financial institutions, utilising the next generation of interactive portfolio management systems to present a unique offering to clients.

The heritage of TAM dates back to the 1930's and has been operating in the financial services sector ever since. From TAM's head office in London and international office in Mauritius, TAM offer the flexibility of both onshore and offshore investment management.

What are discretionary fund manager (dfm) services ?

A DFM service is offered by a specialist firm of fund investment managers to allow investors to benefit from the day to day management of portfolios that are closely aligned to the objectives and risk tolerance of the investor - learn more here.

The duties of a dfm include :

  • the creation of a set of risk adjusted investment portfolios - typically : cautious - balanced - growth and adventurous growth
  • detailed market research
  • pro-active investment strategies and asset allocation
  • fund and security selection
  • risk management
  • performance monitoring and review detailed reporting

The dfm market place

We have completed extensive due diligence during the past several years within the discretionary fund management (dfm) market place and have selected dfm managers that we believe offer exceptional service , track records , compliance and IT infrastructure for the benefit of our clients.

The selected firms are considered 'tier 1 providers' and we are extremely proud to have them on our panel of preferred dfm managers.

Each of our partner dfm's TAM International - City Financial and Momentum Harmony provide a robust investment service


Benefits of using a be-spoke TAM portfolio


UK FCA & Mauritian FSC regulation

TAM portfolios are :

  • Multi manager - TAM construct portfolios containing 'best of breed' fund managers.
  • Multi asset - Portfolios are invested across all asset classes
  • Multi currency - Portfolios can be denominated in GBP - USD and Euro
  • Transparency and low cost - Access to professionally managed service at low cost


Detailed transparent reporting


Real time online portfolio valuations 24/7

  • Eyes On The Market - By appointing TAM as discretionary fund manager you are assured that the market and your portfolio are constantly monitored.
  • Responsive - TAM remain responsive to the changing market environment and landscape through asset allocation decisions
  • Capital preservation - TAM look to preserve capital by actively reducing exposure to weak asset classes
  • Contact us NOW to view more detailed information on TAMs exclusive services, fee structure and exemplary performance data - you'll be glad you did !!