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TAM Asset Management and TAM International are regulated by the FCA in the UK and Financial Services Commission of Mauritius respectively.

Since 2005 the TAM Group have managed funds for, pension funds, trusts, QROPS and high net worth Individuals.

The TAM Group have partnered with respected counter-parties with a view to providing efficiency of service and security of assets.

TAM Asset Management use Pershing Securities Ltd - the largest custodian in the world with in excess of USD 1 trillion assets under administration.

Our Fund Manager Video page provides content that enables you to 'meet' the key personnel that manage TAM Asset Management portfolios.

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TAM International portfolios are fully diversified

TAM International use diversification across asset class, geographical focus and underlying funds to spread risk and exposure

A typical cross-section of portfolio assets


TAM International construct portfolios containing 'best of breed' fund managers


Portfolios are invested across all asset classes


Portfolios can be denominated in GBP - USD and Euro


Transparency and low cost - Access to professionally managed service at low cost

TAM International manage portfolios across the spectrum and their composition is driven by current market conditions

Portfolio Risk Spectrums

TAM International employed active portfolio management to reduce risk during the financial crash of 2008.

Portfolio resilience in times of equity market downturns

Liquidity is fundamental

TAM International focus on institutional, clean and RDR compliant share classes.

This allows for implementation of the most cost effective investment strategy with TER’s far lower than available to retail investors.

All investments are tradable on a daily basis with funds available within a minimum of 7 days.

No exit penalties or lock-in periods for clients withdrawing or moving their funds if their circumstances change, or they are not entirely satisfied.

Additionally the Liquidity Plus portfolio provides investors with an ideal vehicle to capture the best bank interest rates when markets are perceived to be too risky.


Robust Assets Security

TAM International does not seek to hold client assets directly and works with some of the strongest counter-parties in the industry.

Investments are normally held on the client’s behalf with the independent custody agent, Pershing Securities Limited.

As part of The Bank of New York Mellon Group, one of the world’s largest and strongest financial institutions, Pershing offer some of the highest levels of protection available in the industry.


Bespoke Portfolios

Clients choose a portfolio strategy to meet their risk / return requirements.

Portfolio investments can range from lower risk, cash-like returns to growth oriented or adventurous, equity centric investment strategies.

Clients with ethical, environmental or religious investment requirements can utilise the specialist portfolios.

Fully tailored discretionary accounts can be opened from £100,000.

Accounts are also available in US Dollar and Euro denominations.

Clients can top up their account from as little as £1,000 at a time.

TAM Diversified Portfoloios

Tam International do not believe in a 'One size fits all' approach

TAM Portfolio Offerings




14 year track record

Income options

Currency options - USD / GBP / Euro

Cash investment or transfer of existing portfolio

For portfolios of GBP 10,000 and above




5 risk profiles

Collaboration with charities through 'You Give,We Give' scheme.

Currency Options - GBP

For portfolios of GBP 10,000 and above




Launched in 2014

5 risk profiles

Cash only investment

For portfolios of GBP 10,000 and above

Online Access Includes:

• Immediate, comprehensive valuations

• Full customisation

• 24/7 - 365 days

• Details down to contract note level

• Reports can be stored online or saved in pdf

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Everything you need to know about your portfolio is delivered through an innovative online TAM International platform

Online Account 24/7
TAM Risk Questionnaire

The TAM investment risk questionnaire is straightforward and will assist you and ourselves in determining your risk tolerance and capacity.

The results of the questionnaire coupled with your objectives will help select the correct portfolio for your circumstances.

The pre-investment report produced after the questionnaire is completed provides specific detail for your personalised investment.

The report contains details regarding the fund allocations and the rationale behind each of the fund selections.


Complete a portfolio risk questionnaire & receive a pre-investment report