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meet yourProfessional Planning Partners

What to expect from us

We at CSM are a refreshing and unashamed modern financial planning firm firmly focused on helping clients achieve their desired financial outcomes digitally.

Financial planning is both our business and our passion.

In our professional pursuit of meeting client objectives we deliver service that is second to none - take a look at our client testimonials and the industry awards we have collected - they speak for themselves.


How we operate

In order to provide meaningful and coherent financial plans it is essential that we have a clear and concise understanding of a clients circumstances and financial objectives.

To facilitate this we have designed our "Client Review" document (available in a wide range of file formats) to be easily completed and straightforward to gather all of your important and relevant data.

After the completion of the review document we analyse the information you provide.

A Fresh Approach To Financial Planning

Unlike most advisor firms we have never subscribed to the concept of running high cost offices.

We believe that offices are all too often inefficient and wasteful of resources for the service we provide.

By running our business from home locations we greatly reduce operating costs which ultimately benefits clients as we do not operate under financial stress.

Many competitor firms have discovered that running under a high maintenance office structure results in financial stress - this can lead to a firms collapse, or worse, the sale of inappropriate products and services to its clients.

We leverage digital resources to provide efficiencies ensuring that our advisory proposition continues for decades to come.

Our clients benefit not only from online human interactions but also through their own :

  • Convenience : being able to conduct meetings in a video environment in your own home or office is very non-disruptive and is an efficient use of both time and resource

  • Cost savings : travelling to and from meetings whether it be via cars, trains or planes avoids both time and the expense of travel.

  • Removing geographical boundaries : irrespective of location, online meetings massively reduce carbon footprints

Our Methodology

Based upon your input, we design a personalised 'financial roadmap' - this may be specific to key areas of your choosing (insurances - pensions - investments) or may be a holistic plan that takes account of all of your financial planning objectives.

If there are pitfalls or opportunities that exist in your current circumstances which you are unaware of we will highlight these for you.

A financial planning relationship is no different to any other professional relationship - it requires two-way communications.

Together therefore, and on a regular basis, we review the progress of your various plans and discuss any amendments or adjustments that may be necessary taking into account any changed personal circumstances, market events, taxation and risk tolerance issues.

Throughout the entire process, and continually whilst your objectives are being sought, we remain at hand to support and guide you.

Clients are offered a choice of either fee or commission based models - further details will be provided upon request or during the initial advice process.

Paul Rowe

It is important that clients deal with qualified and time served advisors to ensure they receive the best possible advise and outcomes.

As both the founder and principle advisor, Paul works very closely with clients to focus on the financial consequences of ‘not living long enough’, 'living life impaired' and ‘living too long’

In addition to his 30+ years experience Paul has always adhered to the principles, ethics and regulations of both the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the Personal Finance Society (PFS)

Such credentials are rarely found in the offshore financial planning market space.

Over the years Paul has received numerous testimonials from globally based satisfied clients.

We recommend you head over to our testimonials page to read first hand the comments and praise shared on the Linkedin platform.


Randall Brody
Founder & CEO Tax Samaritan

Randall Brody is the proud owner and CEO of Tax Samaritan, a boutique firm of Enrolled Agents and CPAs providing tax preparation and resolution services for U.S. taxpayers with a special focus on assisting U.S. taxpayers abroad.

Randall and his team can help you navigate complex expat tax issues, such as the foreign earned income exclusion, foreign tax credit, the FBAR, foreign offshore streamlined procedure, tax treaties, social security totalization agreements and much more.

Whether you’re a U.S. taxpayer living abroad or in the United States, Randall and his team of CPAs can help you solve your tax and financial issues to enhance your financial situation.