Expat Financial Planning

Providing Client Clarity Since 1985


Expat Financial Planning

Providing Client Clarity Since 1985

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    About Us

    holistic financial planning


    Providing qualified and compliant advice is central to all that we do - since 1985


    Who we are

    We are a firm of Independent Expat Financial Planning Advisers that help expatriates plan , schedule and organise their financial lives. We cater to clients of varying professions and nationalities in addition to small and medium sized companies.

    Our clients are globally based and operate in many differing jurisdictions.

    As such we offer and embrace all forms of digital communications to maximise efficiencies and assist with the many time zones.

    What we do as expat financial planning advisors

    With 30+ years experience directly related to the financial services industry we have always adhered to the principles, ethics and regulations of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the Personal Finance Society (PFS) - such credentials are rarely found in the offshore financial planning market space.

    We do not work for financial institutions nor do we work for financial services product providers.

    As independent expat financial planning advisers we are well-placed to offer you a truly independent advice service encompassing a range of expat related financial planning issues that matter to you and your loved ones.

    We help you to understand your current financial situation by highlighting any gaps that may exist whilst looking to identify opportunities that may be present in your circumstances.

    Our expat financial planning processes are holistic in nature and designed to keep you on track to achieve your financial planning goals.

    As a GDPR compliant firm we also take your privacy very seriously - if you would like to read our privacy statement please click here

    What to expect from us

    Having completed our "Client Review" document we will design a personalised 'financial roadmap' for you.

    If there are pitfalls that exist in your circumstances we will alert you to them.

    We will also highlight any opportunities that may exist in your particular circumstances when designing your financial planning strategies.

    A financial planning relationship is no different to any other professional relationship - it requires two-way communications.

    Together, and on a regular basis, we review the progress of your various programmes and discuss any amendments or adjustments that may be necessary taking into account any changed personal circumstances , market events , taxation and risk tolerance issues.

    Throughout the entire process , and continually whilst your objectives are being sought , we remain at hand to support and guide you.

    Clients are offered a choice of either fee or commission based models - further details will be provided upon request or during the initial advice process.

    Connecting with us is easy and straightforward - simply choose your preferred method of communication - rest assured we will respond very promptly.

    Please take the time to review our verifiable Linkedin client testimonials - client comments are of course what count most.

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