What are
Structured Notes?

A structured product or a structured note is an investment where the investment return is defined by reference to a defined underlying asset(s) such as an index (FTSE 100 for example) or a stock (Apple AAPL for example)

What are the benefits of structured products or structured notes?

Structured products / notes can be extremely important within a diversified client portfolio as they offer :

  • Defined income or growth at outset

  • Defined investment term

  • Defined risk parameters

What types of structured products or notes are available?

The 'universe' of structured products and notes is both vast and ever changing. New notes are issued according to market sentiment and opportunity. The 'universe' of structured products / notes encompass the following

  • Structured deposits

  • Structured capital protected products

  • Structured capital at risk products

  • Structured growth products

  • Structured income products

Building a portfolio of structured products

We advise and guide clients on the appropriateness of any given structured product / structured note to ensure you maximise the opportunities available and that you fully understand the risks associated with any particular investment.

Learn more about how structured products operate and perform.

Structured products / structured notes may be held directly by investors within a Personal Portfolio Bond (PPB) or via a Fund Trading Platform - we strongly advise that you consult with us to discuss the best options in your specific circumstances - use our "Contact Us" button below.