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Offshore Personal Portfolio Bonds

Remove admin stress from investment portfolios

What Are Offshore Personal Portfolio Bonds?

Offshore personal portfolio bonds (PPB's) are 'investment platforms' provided by a number of life assurance companies and investment houses in tax-efficient jurisdictions.

PPB's centralise a clients investment funds and assets under 'one roof' to ease the administration headaches and burdens that come with running a complex investment portfolio.

Personal Portfolio Bonds allow investors to gain access to global stocks, shares, elf's, structured notes, funds (including ESG Investments (environment, social, governace)) and much more - all under one administration !!

Primary features and benefits

Personal portfolio bonds (often referred to as PPB's) offer expat investors administration ease.

Not only can the above referenced investment vehicle types be included within a PPB, all related administration in respect of each holding is handled within one account with just one Isle Of Man based life assurance company.

When an investor builds an investment portfolio independently from a Personal Portfolio Bond (PPB) it is often the case that a variety of bourses will be used to buy numerous stocks - for example an investor may have stock holdings on the London, New York and German stock exchanges and perhaps even investment fund holdings elsewhere as well.

Each of these investments may require several trading accounts to be established and maintained, its possible also that more than more custodian would be required for those investments.

For international expatriate investors the issues of time zones and record keeping complicate issues further and simply add to the headaches not to mention the additional costs.

As you may imagine, investors can very quickly find themselves having to be involved with very time consuming administration with a variety of different companies all serving to exacerbate and magnify the commitment required to run portfolios independently.

A PPB eliminates all of the tedious time consuming administration as investors need only deal with one PPB contract.

Taxation - spouses & partners

As personal portfolio bonds are effected in the jurisdiction of the Isle Of Man investors also benefit from a tax friendly environment alongside robust laws that provide client protection benefits - these benefits are not always available when investments are held independently.

An often overlooked issue by expatriates is the situation that occurs upon death.

Imagine for a moment the scenario where an investor is holding a spread of investments across global bourses.There will be different time zones, each investment could be subject to different laws and procedures in respect of probate.

The likelihood is that the investor will not have made a Will in each of the jurisdictions that he has investments particularly if he has no other interest in that country other than stock investments.

His widow, in all likelihood, would have to engage lawyers to unravel and reclaim his investments (possibly at a loss if a sale is forced) but most certainly at considerable cost in terms of legal fees.

Once again owning a PPB would eradicate all those issues as only one company and one jurisdiction need to be involved - the PPB issuer in the Isle Of Man.

To simplify matters further if the spouse or partner of the investor were to jointly effect the PPB the ownership simply passes entirely to the remaining joint holder - very simple - very straightforward - investments remain intact and all very cost-effective.

Using a PPB for income

Naturally clients can use their PPB in many ways and alter the way in which they use their PPB as time evolves.

It may be that during a working life an investor simply uses his PPB and the investments within it to grow the portfolio. Later, at retirement for example, the investor can decide to use his PPB to generate retirement income.

Asset exchange

Investors that are attracted to the benefits of personal portfolio bonds may already have investments.

For such investors there is the opportunity to exercise what is known as 'Asset Exchange'

In simple terms 'Asset Exchange' enables investors to transfers their existing investments directly into the portfolio bond - the administration of which is naturally handled trouble free by the PPB provider.

We can help to set up PPB's and remove your headaches