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Mispriced Investment Assets

23 May 2022

There is often a level of expectation placed upon investment fund managers to fully understand everything that is going on and, worse still, to have Sage like skills in predicting the future.

Investment Ventures Overseas

16 May 2022

In South Africa the central bank has relaxed overseas investment limits. South Africans and all investors should question the risks that come with a portfolio invested overseas, and how best to manage them.

Central Bank Gets Serious About Interest Rates

09 May 2022

After the first 50bps interest rate rise by the Fed in over 20 years (with more to come) and the announcement of quantitative tightening starting in June, there is no doubt that the Fed is getting serious about containing inflation.

Footballing Investment Analogy

25 April 2022

Sporting events often bring people together and teach us the importance of values and hard work. If we look at successful sports teams or individuals, there are lots of similarities that can be drawn between them and professional investors.

Value Focused Investments

29 March 2022

As race one of the 2022 Formula One season illustrated, many were quick to write off Lewis Hamilton. Despite the negative outlook, Hamilton still managed to achieve a podium place - similarities exist with value investing.

Understanding The Metaverse Real Estate World

22 March 2022

The largest ever land acquisition took place towards the end of last year in the 'metaverse' valued at a staggering US$2,400,000 - learn more about this intriguing and relatively new investment asset class.

Mind The Investment Gap Risks

15 March 2022

It took less than a week for investors in Russian equities to see their holdings effectively become worthless. The Russian stock exchange has been closed for trading since Monday 28th February, which has meant depositary receipts listed on stock exchanges in London and elsewhere have felt the full brunt of anyone wishing to head for the exit.

Goodbye To Greenwashers

08 March 2022

"Greenwashing" occurs when fund marketing material and disclosures overstate the true level of ESG integration within a strategy. This trend has grown amongst some companies and is examined further this week.

The Impact Of Wars On Equity Markets

07 March 2022

Given recent events, we thought it would be a good opportunity to examine past wars and conflicts and analyse the drawdowns of the US equity market (as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Average index) and how long it took for the index to return to its prior peak to assist investors of how markets can and have been impacted.

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