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TAM Asset Management - Ask Us Anything

21. September 2021

A compelling, passionate, frank and straight talking Q&A session with TAM Asset Managements CEO Lester Petch and CIO James Penny.


Property Investing - Different Thinking For Different Times

18. September 2021

Andrew Jones, CEO and co-founder of LondonMetric refers to the owners of high street retail property as holding “melting ice cubes” in this engaging video presentation.

Living life without dad and without financial support

18. August 2021

Losing a parent when aged 12 is tough but even tougher is living life without any financial support.

The loss changes EVERYTHING

Learn what happened to Miranda and the complex issues that she faced after her Father died aged just 44.

Understanding Investment Risk Washing

11. June 2021

“Risk Washing” is the process of disguising or ‘mislabelling’ the true underlying risks underpinning an investment portfolio.

Without understanding these fundamentals, investors can be exposed to risks that they may not have signed up for.

Are you fully cognisant of the risks your investment portfolio is taking?

The Hidden Cost Of Employer Provided Medical Insurance

05. June 2021

Being offered a new employment position with a new company can be a wonderful opportunity for career progression, particularly if the salary and benefits are commensurate with the new role.

However many expatriates overlook the very real importance of the company medical insurance benefits and simply assume that what is included will suffice - sadly this is very often not the case!!.


What is your tipple? It’s on the house

01. June 2021

Many have said central banks are the punch bowl for markets. Loosely speaking this means central banks have been pumping money into markets in such volume that the equity rally is almost entirely propped up by that cash injection and, much like a huge bowl of punch at a party, it is the key factor in keeping the party going.

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