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Weekly DigestExamining Equity Markets

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Each week "Weekly Digest" focuses on a specific investment related topic that is likely to influence the returns on your investment portfolio outcomes.

The content is written by top level investment fund managers and provides clues to the issues that they are addressing in constructing client mandates and portfolios that span all asset classes.

The insights provided are an invaluable asset in themselves and are designed to help investors understand and rationalise the investment world around them helping with their own financial plans.

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Market SnapshotsFebruary 23 2021


  • Global equities returned -0.4% last week whilst global bond yields rise.

  • The Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine is reported to be 89.4% effective in preventing Covid-19 infections according to an Israeli study..

This weeks edition"Bitcoin Toss"by Andrew Hardy, CFA


Digital gold or “index for money laundering”? Fiat currency hedge or irrational mania?

Bitcoin divides opinion more than most, but the bulls are in the ascendency at present and the 12-year old cryptocurrency is gathering many new followers as a result. Its 6-fold increase in price in the last year has been the driver; creating a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect whilst also increasing the size of its market, which reached $1 trillion over the weekend, to a level where institutions begin to consider it more seriously.

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“..While we expect that cryptocurrencies will become more mainstream over the coming years, we've never held Bitcoin in portfolios, nor do we have any plans to include it.”


Market Indicators

The equity market analysis documents below present the views of award winning discretionary fund managers Momentum Harmony and TAM Asset Management.

Each of the pdf files provide insight to the fundamentals that each manager considers when constructing client portfolios.

You will discover that the depth and breadth of research each of the fund managers undertake in aligning portfolio risk to that of the fund mandates is extremely extensive and just one of the reasons why such portfolios should be considered as a clients core holding.








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