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Market SnapshotsSeptember 21 2020


  • A mixed week saw global equities ending the week flat.

  • Global Covid-19 infections exceed 30 million with the global death toll approaching 1 million.

This weeks edition"Staying Out Of The Rough"by Michael Clough CFA


This year has obviously been far from normal and the Covid pandemic meant the US Open, normally held in June, was pushed back to a late summer week in September.

The US Open is regularly dubbed the ‘toughest test in golf’. One of the reasons is long, thick grass (known as rough) which sits unsettlingly closely to the finely manicured fairways, punishing any marginally errant shot.

Within equities, growth exposure has been the equivalent of finding the fairway this year, whilst sole exposure to value has been akin to hacking through the deep rough.

Momentum Harmony have their risk management processes to rely on


Market Indicators

The equity market analysis documents below present the views of award winning discretionary fund managers Momentum Harmony and TAM Asset Management.

Each of the pdf files provide insight to the fundamentals that each manager considers when constructing client portfolios.

You will discover that the depth and breadth of research each of the fund managers undertake in aligning portfolio risk to that of the fund mandates is extremely extensive and just one of the reasons why such portfolios should be considered as a clients core holding.







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