Expat Financial Planning

Providing Client Clarity Since 1985


Expat Financial Planning

Providing Client Clarity Since 1985

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    Expatriate Financial Planning

    Helping expats achieve financial planning goals

    Our role as an independent expatriate financial advisor is to assist , guide and educate seriously minded expatriate individuals and small to medium size companies, plan their financial futures. To achieve this aim we encompass a holistic approach to financial planning.

    This means we take into consideration all aspects of a clients current set of circumstances and we listen to each of the financial planning objectives being sought (we also assist in creating objectives if none are set) before we work on summarising options , pitfalls and opportunities that lay between getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’.

    Although this is a very simplistic outline of what expatriate financial planning is all about it does serve to illustrate what we do.

    For 30+ years, membership of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the Personal Finance Society (PFS) has set us apart and distinguished us from the vast majority of expat financial advisors.

    Our business practice strictly adheres to the standards and ethics clearly laid down by both governing bodies.

    Prospective clients can rest assured in the knowledge that they are dealing with professionals who have demonstrable qualities and qualifications.

    Our LinkedIn client testimonials speak for themselves - read the comments here - a number of the testimonials are from individuals that we have been advising for decades.


    Start your journey to financial freedom today

    We use a thorough and comprehensive “Client Review’ document to 'get to know' clients to ensure the most coherent and sensible advise is provided.

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