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IMG Patriot Plans Comprehensive single trip travel medical insurance for up to 3 years

The IMG Patriot travel medical insurance plans for expats and global travellers provides coverage for individuals, families and groups who need temporary medical insurance while traveling for business or pleasure anywhere outside of their home country this plan can be renewed for up to 3 years.

Patriot International® provides coverage while traveling outside your home country where the destination excludes the United States or its territories. Use this version if you intend visiting any of the Schengen area and require Schengen area travel medical insurance.

Patriot America Plus provides cover for non-US residents requiring temporary medical insurance whilst travelling for business or pleasure in the United States.

If you are likely to have multiple trips in any given year you may wish to consider using the IMG Patriot Multi-Trip travel medical insurance plan.

International travel can quickly turn into a frightening situation if you’re not prepared for a medical emergency - our travel blog articles provide real life examples of these

Don’t let your medical coverage be an uncertainty.

Spend more time enjoying your international experience and less time worrying about medical coverage.

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Plan Highlights

Travel medical insurance for individuals, families and groups

Renewable up to 3 years

Deductible options from $0 - $25,000

Maximum limits from $50,000 to 8,000,000

Coverage for medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation

No worries or concerns that a credit card may be maxed out or may not meet the requirements of a hospital administrator

Acute onset of pre-existing conditions

Coverage for USA bound trips & Non-USA bound trips

Purchase cover either prior to or after reaching your destination

COVID-19 is covered the same as any other illness - restrictions apply only to the standard Patriot Plan with US travel - see Covid-19 Updates

Suitable For

Vacations / Holidays

All Nationalities - Visitors / Immigrants

Senior Citizens - +80 Years

Employers / Business Travellers

Schengen Visa Compliant - Embassy Confirmation Letter Auto Generated


IMG Insurance prices are regulated by the US Government. Consequently better prices are not available anywhere.

If you intend driving whilst overseas be sure to obtain an International Driving Permit - digital IDP's can be issued within 24 hours.