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State Pension Alarms

17 December 2021

With UK inflation surpassing 5.1% the UK Government is 'seriously under pressure' to rethink state pension increases that will significantly impact retirees.

Property Investing - Different Thinking For Different Times

18 September 2021

Andrew Jones, CEO and co-founder of LondonMetric refers to the owners of high street retail property as holding “melting ice cubes” in this engaging video presentation.

Offshore investors to suffer new tax

16 October 2019

Personal portfolio bond investors to suffer a new penal tax if investing into UK property funds.

No money to pay for cancer treatments

09 September 2019

A dying dad, aged just 38, is unable to acquire the drugs that could possibly save or double his life expectancy from the UK’s NHS.

This blog provides the background to Adams's thought provoking story and asks "should we as expats consider more carefully the role of critical illness insurance to ensure such funds are available?"

Nurses family faced with GBP 30K bill after holiday death

09 November 2018

Nurse, Charlotte Carter aged 30, dies on girls’ holiday to Dubai after falling ill on her flight - her family now face a £30,000.00 bill to take her back to UK.

Unclaimed UK Pensions And Tracing Service

17 October 2018

It has been revealed that the UK has £20 billion in unclaimed pensions, research from the independent PPI has revealed, adding pressure on the government to act over the "pensions dashboard".

New tax penalties for overseas investors dodging tax

08 October 2018

Britain’s so-called “requirement to correct” (RTC) legislation came into force on 30 September 2018.The new law requires taxpayers to declare any foreign assets that could affect their UK income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Latest longevity figures pose retirement saving problem

24 September 2018

Experts have warned of undersaving for retirement as the latest figures predict increasing numbers of newborns will live to 100 years old.

Empty homes tax - a new budjet blow for landlords

23 November 2017

UK property investors now have to face an additional 'empty house' tax as announced in the November 2017 budget.

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