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The Passion of Golf

Golf trips can be an incredible experience for both new and seasoned golfers, whether you are golfing solo, as a collective of friends or as part of an organised group tour with Golf Tours Thailand

However, despite being a relatively easy and enjoyable pastime, golfing does not come without risks of injury and the potential for medical interventions.

International travel can quickly turn into a frightening situation if you’re not prepared for a medical emergency - our travel blog articles provide real life examples of these

Travel medical insurance for golfers is as essential as your clubs and all your golfing equipment.

By purchasing an IMG Patriot Medical Insurance plan you can at least rest assured that medical bills will be covered should the worst happen.

Key features of travel medical insurance plans for golfers

• Ability to purchase cover even after leaving your home country

• Medical evacuation
(medical evacuations can easily cost in excess of USD 100,000)

• Golfers covered beyond age 80

• Acute onset of pre-existing conditions cover

• Duration : 5 days up to 1 year per trip
(there are no 30 or 45 day plan restrictions as with most alternative providers)

• Plans can be extended up to 3 years

• Absolute peace of mind - enjoy your golf without worry

• No worries or concerns that a credit card may be maxed out or may not meet the requirements of a hospital administrator

• Immediate cover when purchased online

• COVID-19 is covered the same as any other illness

• Extremely cost effective


Why golfers need travel medical cover

Travel Medical Insurance protects in the event of illness, injury or accident. It provides key medical benefits in case of an emergency.

Depending on where you golf, you may encounter language and currency barriers that prevent you from accessing high-quality medical care.

Golfing unprotected can leave you vulnerable to paying high out-of-pocket medical expenses.

If golfing overseas, navigating foreign health care systems without assistance can be hugely stressful.

International golfers with an IMG Patriot travel medical insurance plan can worry less and simply enjoy their golf more.

Rest assured knowing that medical coverage and a trusted health advisor is available to you in your time of need.