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Disability Income Protection Insurance

Could you survive financially if your income stopped due to illness or disability ?

Disability can cripple not only your body but also your finances. f you answered 'Yes' to the above question - for how long could you survive financially if your income stopped last night due to illness or disability ?

One week ? - one month ? - three months ? - 1 year ? - 2 years ??

Unless you have readily available cash at hand you may well be in a very vulnerable financial position.

Mortgages, housekeeping, school fees, loans, utility bills are just a few of the countless examples of expenses that continue even if you are not producing an income !!

Long term illnesses and in-capacitance such as cancer therapy treatments can wreak havoc with family finances at a time when most can ill afford it.

Worries and stress related to financial issues are known to exacerbate medical conditions and hamper recovery - creating a vicious cycle that can very quickly build into a mountain of debt.

Lets face it , the law governs that we insure our motor vehicles , vehicles that are maybe worth USD 50,000.00 and yet the vast majority of people have never considered insuring THE most important commodity - our ability to earn income !!!

Looked at another way , if your currently aged say 40 earning USD 50,000.00 your potential lifetime income excluding pay rises , indexation etc etc up to age 60 will be USD 1,000,000.00 - a million dollars !!!

Why wouldn't you insure and protect your potential lifetime income ?

Think also about those that are financially dependant on YOU - your wife or partner - your children - think about how their lives would be impacted if YOUR income stopped !!

We have been advising clients in excess of 30 years on contracts that provide this essential form of financial protection.

We assist you in both designing and constructing plans that remove the worry and concern that are often faced when income stops due to long term disability , ill health and critical illness conditions such as heart attacks , strokes and cancers.

Don't wait until you become uninsurable or start suffering the consequences of financial hardship - contact us now using our contact form or by email to discover how cost effective our solutions can be.