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Dont dive unprotected - dive insured

01. May 2019

Scuba divers know very well that the sport is inherently safe providing the protocols taught during scuba diving training are adhered to.

Despite training however scuba diving accidents can and do happen.

It is when such accidents happen that fast and responsive decisions and actions are needed.

When accidentsa occur underwater there is a real chance that a scuba diver may require hyperbaric treatments.

Without hyperbaric treatments a scuba divers life may be at risk.

Hyperbaric treatment costs can run into the 'tens of thousands of dollars' and may only be accessible a long distance from where you are diving increasing costs even further.

Imagine how you would cope without a dedicated insurance claims team at hand, making travel arrangements and funding hyperbaric treatments - could your credit card withstand such costs? Would the hyperbaric chamber even accept your credit card?

These are issues that could seriously compromise your recovery and even your life.

You do not have to accept these risks - an appropriate travel medical insurance plan will not only protect you it will enable you to enjoy your diving in peace.

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