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Critical Illness Insurance

Can you afford to ignore the 1 in 2 probability of a critical illness diagnosis?

We all know the statistics right?

“1 in 3 men will develop a life-threatening cancer”

“A new case of cancer is diagnosed every 4 minutes”

“Every year over 330,000 people in Germany have a heart attack or contract cancer”

“1 in 2 Canadian heart attack victims are under age 65”

“75% of males survive more than 5 years after a heart attack”

“Every year in the UK there are 100,000 strokes. 75% are still alive a year later”

Ask yourself the following questions :

If you don't have medical insurance who pays your hospital bills?

Who pays for your health care expenses not covered by employer or government plans?

Who pays for the travel, child care and all other ancillary costs?

Who replaces your lost income when you need time off work either for yourself or to provide care to a loved one?

Who pays your mortgage and other debt commitments?

if your spouse or partner is diagnosed do you have the financial resource to stop working and provide the care?

Still not sure you need critical illness protection?Watch the following videos

In this open and honest interview Susan explains how her critical illness plan proceeds helped her through the emotional and financial worries that a breast cancer diagnosis brings.

Bill Deacon discusses his prostate cancer diagnosis and how his critical illness policy helped him face the challenges confronting him and his young family.

Alan describes how his multiple sclerosis diagnosis impacted him and his lifestyle and how a critical illness plan claim payout protected his finances.

59 year old Laura Garcia was diagnosed with breast cancer and told by her employers that she would lose her job too. Laura describes her stress and predicaments at not having work or income

National Cancer Registry Ireland discuss the costs incurred by cancer patients and their families

A critical illness diagnosis is bad enough - dont't compound your issues with financial worry