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Market SnapshotsNovember 23 2020


  • Global equity markets returned +0.4% last week

  • TThe Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is shown to prevent 70% of Covid cases in clinical trials. This follows last week’s announcement from Moderna of 94.5% efficacy in phase 3 trials.

This weeks edition"Road to recovery"by Andrew Hardy CFA


Following a third consecutive Monday of hugely encouraging news in the fight against COVID-19, global equities are well on track to delivering their best one month return in over a decade, up 11% and counting.

Vaccine developments have propelled economically sensitive sectors such as energy, financials and industrials higher in November – with tech stocks in the slow lane for a change – resulting in one of the most rapid shifts in market leadership ever seen in markets.

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The path to recovery is rarely a smooth one; while uncertainty remains high, the usually defensive and more predictable nature of infrastructure is appealing whilst it remains out of favour


Market Indicators

The equity market analysis documents below present the views of award winning discretionary fund managers Momentum Harmony and TAM Asset Management.

Each of the pdf files provide insight to the fundamentals that each manager considers when constructing client portfolios.

You will discover that the depth and breadth of research each of the fund managers undertake in aligning portfolio risk to that of the fund mandates is extremely extensive and just one of the reasons why such portfolios should be considered as a clients core holding.








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