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Fund Manager Video Updates

Discretionary Fund Manager Commentary

Our discretionary fund manager (DFM) video updates below provide a valuable source of market insight from the portfolio managers.

They will assist you to quickly assimilate global market movements and learn how the managers have pro-actively positioned portfolios to maximise outcomes.

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Momentum Harmony

Alex Harvey CFA
Portfolio Manager

Alex provides a detailed and insightful update to the progress of the Momentum Harmony portfolios and the various adjustments that have been made in the previous period.

Alex also provides his insights to what he believes the world will be like post-Brexit.

November 2019

Duration 7 mins

TAM Asset Management

In TAM’s final instalment of 2019, Lester and James provide us with an overview of how markets have fared this year, an insight into how TAM’s portfolios performed, how they were positioned, and what their outlook and strategy is going in to 2020.

James talks to us about the results of the 2019 General Election and why he believes a Conservative government is the most positive outcome for TAM and its clients.

Lester lets us in on some exciting corporate developments, speaking to us about the launch of their brand new European office and why he's not worried about the impending Brexit deadline.


Duration 4 mins