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Fund Manager Video Updates

Discretionary Fund Manager Commentary

Our discretionary fund manager (DFM) video updates below are provided as a further source of market insight.These are designed to assist you to quickly assimilate global market movements.

Each of our discretionary fund manager partners discuss their views on market events and also how they are reacting to them to shape client portfolios.

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If you have questions or queries related to the content of the videos? or would like to discuss how you could benefit from a DFM portfolio service we will be more than happy to discuss the options available to you.

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Momentum Harmony

Andrew Hardy CFA
Portfolio Manager

Andrew Hardy CFA once again provides a detailed and insightful update to the progress of the portfolios and the various adjustments that have been made in the previous period.

October 2019

Duration 7 mins

TAM Asset Management

Lester Petch CEO & James Penny Senior Investment Manager

Lester Petch and James Penny provide an overview of how markets fared in the first six months of 2019.

They also provide an insight into how TAM portfolios performed and how TAM were positioned.

James highlights some clients' concerns and what TAM are doing to mitigate them.

Lester also lets us in on some exciting corporate developments, and what the next six months has in store for TAM.

July 2019

Duration 4 mins