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Fund Manager Video Updates

Discretionary Fund Manager Commentary

Our discretionary fund manager (DFM) video updates below provide a valuable source of market insight from the portfolio managers.

They will assist you to quickly assimilate global market movements and learn how the managers have pro-actively positioned portfolios to maximise outcomes.

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If you have questions or queries related to the content of the videos or would like to discuss how you could benefit from a DFM portfolio service we will be more than happy to discuss the options available to you.

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Momentum Harmony Funds

The new format of Vodcast by Momentum is where topical questions are addressed by the investment fund managers.

The first series of questions cover:

1) Why have markets recovered so quickly since March? (0.55)

2) How have you adjusted portfolios since this crisis began? (3.48)

3) Have markets gone too far, too fast? (6.27)

4) With interest rates at all-time lows, where can investors go for income? (11.40)

Andrew Hardy, Portfolio Manager and co-Head of Research and Glyn Owen, Investment Director tackle these questions with a total watch time of less than 12 minutes.

If you would like to jump ahead to a specific answer, use the time stamps shown above.

July 1 2020

Duration 11 minutes

TAM Asset Management

TAM Webinar - "It is not about timing the market but time in the market"

A great update from TAMs UK CIO, James Penny, outlining the mistakes investors often make trying to 'time the market'.

James also discusses the approach that TAM has employed to best protect client assets and what TAMs outlook and strategy is for the coming months.

April 24 2020

Duration 38 minutes

TAM Asset Management

TAM Webinar - "The end of ESG Investing as we know it."

James Penny CIO of TAM Asset Management provides a compelling case for ESG investing post Covid-19.

James also outlines why he believes ESG will become the mainstream investment criteria for fund managers post pandemic and why companies will have to embrace ESG fundamentals.

Watch and listen carefully as the contents have far reaching implications.

April 29 2020

Duration 37 minutes