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Climate Change And ESG Investing

18. August 2020

Assets under management in funds that abide by environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles have surpassed $1 trillion for the first time on record, according to data compiled by Morningstar.

High Noon At The Last Chance Brexit Saloon

29. June 2020

It's now 'crunch time' for Brexit negotiations and much is at stake.

This article highlights the extremely important issues and dangers facing the Brexit negotiators, the UK, Europe and investors alike

The end of ESG Investing as we know it.

29. April 2020

James Penny CIO of TAM Asset Management provides a compelling case for ESG investing post Covid-19. James also outlines why he believes ESG will become the mainstream investment criteria for fund managers post pandemic and why companies will have to embrace ESG fundamentals.

Watch and listen carefully as the contents have far reaching implications for investments and investment returns going forward.

TAM Webinar - It is not about timing the market

24. April 2020

A great update from TAMs UK CIO, James Penny, outlining the mistakes investors often make trying to 'time the market'.

The Covid-19 impact on travel and expat medical insurance

04. February 2020

Both travellers and expats are naturally very concerned about the impact the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is having globally.

If you are a traveller or living and working overseas find out what you need to know about the virus, travel and expat medical insurance.

Offshore investors to suffer new tax

16. October 2019

Personal portfolio bond investors to suffer a new penal tax if investing into UK property funds.

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