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Delivering Bespoke Discretionary Fund Management


TAM Asset Management are an award-winning specialist in discretionary investment management, offering innovative and forward thinking investment solutions to individual clients and institutions.

The sister company TAM International deliver bespoke discretionary fund management solutions for internationally based clients, private clients, insurance companies, pension schemes, trust companies, charities and other financial institutions, utilising the next generation of interactive portfolio management systems to present a unique offering to clients.

The heritage of TAM Asset Management dates back to the 1930's and has been operating in the financial services sector ever since. From the TAM Asset Management head office in London and their international office in Mauritius, TAM Asset Management offer the flexibility of both onshore and offshore investment solutions.


TAM Asset Management & TAM International pedigree


UK FCA & Mauritian FSC regulation

TAM International portfolios are fully diversified

TAM International use diversification across asset class, geographical focus and underlying funds to spread risk and exposure


TAM International construct portfolios containing 'best of breed' fund managers

TAM International manage portfolios across the spectrum and their composition is driven by current market conditions

TAM International employed active portfolio management to reduce risk during the financial crash of 2008.


Liquidity is fundamental

TAM International focus on institutional, clean and RDR compliant share classes.

This allows for implementation of the most cost effective investment strategy with TER’s far lower than available to retail investors.

All investments are tradable on a daily basis with funds available within a minimum of 7 days.

No exit penalties* or lock-in periods for clients withdrawing or moving their funds if their circumstances change, or they are not entirely satisfied.

*other charges apply


Tam International do not believe in a 'One size fits all' approach

tam focus

Low cost model Portfolios


TAM Premier

tailored Portfolios


TAM Ethical

Ethical and socially responsible investments


TAM Sharia

Sharia-Complient Investments


Everything you need to know about your portfolio is delivered through an innovative online TAM International platform


Complete a portfolio risk questionnaire & receive a pre-investment report