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Products & ServicesAn Overview

A comprehensive and holistic range of products and services

Since 1985 we have been providing our expatriate clients with a comprehensive range of products and services. All products and services are offered after a clear understanding has been gained of a clients stated objectives and attitude to risk.

The following is an outline of our approach to sound and sensible financial planning fundamentals.

Covering the basic principles of financial planning

Financial planning is akin to building a property - its imperative to get the infrastructure correct at outset - building on fine sand will only lead to disaster.

In financial planning terms this means ensuring that adequate financial protection is put in place for you and your family at outset.

The types of protection plans to consider include income protection , critical illness protection , life assurance and medical cover.

Our client review process will identify if any of these areas should be discussed.


New to investing ?

It could be that you are simply looking to start a savings regime to build funds for the future.

This may be for education funding , a special event , retirement or to travel the world.

It could be that you are currently uncertain as to what you require.

If this is the case why not allow us to provide you a Financial Health Check ?

Such a review is confidential, free of charge and without obligation.

You can rest assured that any and all recommendations that we make are based on a thorough understanding of your circumstances and will be specific to your needs and requirements.

Need active fund management ?

If you are wishing to invest a lump sum but need to have an actively managed portfolio handled on a daily basis by professionals with proven capability - a Discretionary Fund Management portfolio may be an ideal solution.

Take a closer look at how our DFM partner portfolios at City Financial ,TAM International or Momentum Harmony could work for you.

You maybe seeking a worry free 'armchair' passive income investment that produces a regular steady - stable and secure income in the range of 6 - 7% pa - if so you may wish to consider a ReDev Canadian Shopping Mall investment.

Control your portfolio ?

Tax friendly and cost-effective Offshore Portfolio Bonds exist to enable you to create a diversified portfolio of funds , ETF's , stocks , shares and much more.

Structured Notes have become important investment vehicles for investors that seek 'very clearly 'defined returns' alongside clearly defined risks'

Why not get started now and request the "Client Review Document" below.

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