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Expat Savings - In A Modern World

"Rigid terms - high charges - inflexible contracts" - you dont have to settle for such savings plans any longer

Once you have made that all important decision to start saving - be-it for college fees , a special event such as a wedding , to supplement retirement income or simply to create and grow a ‘rainy day nest egg’ the next decision is to choose HOW to save.

Traditionally the global expat community have been swayed by brokers to use life assurance companies “International Savings Plans” buying into the concept that they offered value and flexibility to the transient and unpredictable lifestyles of expats.

Sadly the vast majority of these ‘contractual savings plans’ DO NOT offer good value nor provide cost-effective flexibility.

What most of the major life companies offer are savings contracts with EXTREMELY HIGH product charges which serve to stifle growth and reduce your potential outcomes.

Additionally, features of ‘flexibility’ are shrouded in further tiers of charges particularly if you need to stop or suspend your savings for any given reason - in other words a second tier of drag on performance.

Such charge structures are no longer acceptable in the established and tightly regulated countries from where these life companies originate - principally the UK

As independent advisers working on client's behalf we rarely advise clients to use such contracts (there are very few circumstances where they can offer value).

What we strongly recommend are savings regime's that are known as ’non-contractual’ - ‘single premium costed’ investment vehicles.

Why do we recommend ’non-contractual’ - ‘single premium costed’ investment vehicles you may ask - the bullet list below addresses these issues and our requirements as advisors - they probably address your requirements too.


Benefits of 'non-contractual' 'single premium costed' international savings plans

Non-contractual - as the name implies the traditional savings plans (still) offered by the large life assurance companies are ‘Contractual’ in nature.This means clients are tied in to a specific number of years known as ‘terms’ - the charges of the savings contracts are tightly formed around these ‘terms’ and reward brokers handsomely

We much prefer savings regimes that do not specify terms - thus allowing clients to dictate, as they see fit , the timing and scheduling of thei personal savings.

Flexibility - much is discussed in the glossy brochures of the large life companies about ‘premium holidays’ - ’stop / start’ facilities - ‘loan backs’ and many other ‘flexibility features’ . However what is rarely covered in those same brochures are the costs of implementing payment ‘features’ and the additional drag these additional fee sets impose on your savings.

We believe flexibility should mean flexibility at no additional cost - we do not subscribe to the idea that clients should have to pay additional fees to exercise stopping - starting - decreasing - increasing - altering or encasing their savings plans simply because life events may have changed. Many of us no longer live in a world where our life patterns are guaranteed for long periods of time - our savings regimes should not either.

Transparency - single premium costed vehicles are by their very nature easily understood and fully transparent.Clients can quickly identify what they are paying for and the amount being charged.

If you are seriously considering implementing a savings regime that not only sets you free from the shackles of the inflexible and very expensive life company options , yet provides access to FCA regulated investment managers and funds cost effectively , you owe it to yourself to get in contact with us.

We will advise and guide you on the options available to meet your specific requirements and your savings budget.

Don't shackle your savings with offshore investment plans that are not fully understood and which contain the high charges and penal terms and conditions we reference above.

Contact us now to discover how new, modern , cost effective savings regimes can benefit you far more where it matters most - the financial outcome.