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Expat Saving Options

Don’t settle for opaque, high charging plans

Offshore savings should be :


Non Contractual








Offshore saving plan options.

  • Contractual savings plans (still) offered by the large life assurance companies often trap clients into high charging 'term' contracts.

    Savings regimes that allow clients to dictate, as they see fit, the timing and scheduling of their personal savings without penalties are far more preferable

  • Life company glossy brochures discuss ‘premium holidays’ - ’stop / start’ facilities - ‘loan backs’ and many other ‘flexibility features’. However what is rarely explained in those same brochures are the costs to implement such payment ‘features’ and the additional drag these fees have on your savings outcomes

    Clients need to dig deep into product terms and conditions and then understand contract wording to fully appreciate feature charges

  • Single premium costed plans however are by their very nature easily understood, fully transparent and strip away tiers of unnecessary charges.

    Clients are thus able quickly identify what they are paying for and the amount being charged.

If you are seriously considering implementing a savings regime that provides access to FCA regulated investment managers and funds in cost effective structures, you owe it to yourself to get in contact with us.

We will advise and guide you on the options available to meet your specific requirements and your savings budget.

Contact us now to discover how non-contractual cost effective savings regimes can benefit you far more where it matters most - the financial outcome.