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Offshore investors to suffer new tax

16. October 2019

Personal portfolio bond investors to suffer a new penal tax if investing into UK property funds.

Redev CEO discusses the formula for their success.

30. July 2019

Whenever people talk about buying property you are likely to hear the cliché: "location, location, location." And for those who are property investors it is more likely to be: "finance, finance, finance."

For those in the commercial real estate sector, who have experience of good and bad times, most are likely to repeat the mantra: "research, research, research."

Estate planning for your digital assets

14. February 2018

What will happen to your Facebook account when you die? What about all your photos shared on social media, your texts with loved ones, or documents on cloud-storage systems?

Empty homes tax - a new budjet blow for landlords

23. November 2017

UK property investors now have to face an additional 'empty house' tax as announced in the November 2017 budget.

ReDev Properties announce sale of Daly Grove Centre

23. August 2017

The sale of Daly Grove Centre in Edmonton Alberta demonstartes continued success for ReDev Properties & its investors.

UK Housing Market Headed For Crash Experts Warn

04. July 2017

The UK housing market could face a crash to rival the one that buckled the economy in the early 1990s, experts have warned.

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