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How to think internationally about Wills

15. November 2017

"Do you have a will, and is it up-to-date?" - without a relevant Will, it is difficult to plan clearly for life’s later events; and not even life’s self-confessed singletons are immune from such considerations.

Pensions battleground in divorce cases

19. July 2017

Court orders to split a couple's pensions in the case of a divorce are on the rise, with lawyers seeing a 43 per cent increase in the last year.

5 common mistakes UK expats make with domicile and tax

19. July 2017

British expats still have some crucial misunderstandings about domicile status and tax positions that could leave them and their loved ones financially exposed and even land them in trouble with HM Revenue & Customs, warns Rachael Griffin at Old Mutual Wealth.

Gay man wins landmark pension case in UK court

18. July 2017

The UK Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex couples have the same rights to pension death benefits as heterosexual couples in a landmark case involving a final salary scheme.

Securing Your Digital Assets

01. January 2016

You might think that dealing with an estate is a relatively straightforward matter, and in certain circumstances this can be the case but…

Celebrity Will Mistakes And Lessons We Should Learn

01. August 2015

Emma Myers runs her expert eye over three celebrity wills which didn't work out as originally planned...

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