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5 common mistakes UK expats make with domicile and tax

19. July 2017

British expats still have some crucial misunderstandings about domicile status and tax positions that could leave them and their loved ones financially exposed and even land them in trouble with HM Revenue & Customs, warns Rachael Griffin at Old Mutual Wealth.

OBR Reports Increase In Number Of Families Paying IHT

01. February 2016

According to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) the number of UK families paying IHT on death has reached a 35 year high.  The main driver of this is the surge in UK house prices. 

Celebrity Will Mistakes And Lessons We Should Learn

01. August 2015

Emma Myers runs her expert eye over three celebrity wills which didn't work out as originally planned...

Warning As Holidaymakers Travel Without Insurance

01. August 2015

Holidaymakers and business travellers run the risk of substantial medical bills particularly if an air ambulance is required to fly them home, travel association Abta warned.

Brits Set To Lose GBP 550M Due To Poor IHT Planning

01. May 2015

Brits Set To Lose GBP 550M in IHT Due To Poor Planning.