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Beware Claim Related Medical Insurance Plans

01. December 2020

Have you unwittingly purchased a CRMI (Claim Related Medical Insurance policy) lured by seemingly discounted premiums?

If you did you are not alone - many unsuspecting purchasers of expat medical insurance have also fallen into the same trap and wish now that they hadn't.

Dont dive unprotected - dive insured

01. May 2019

Scuba diving without the appropriate travel medical insurance can be an extremely costly affair if the worst should happen. You don't have to risk your health or your dive trip vacation with a suitable dive insurance package.

Learn the difference in medical insurance excess wording

16. March 2018

Policy excess wording will have a significant impact on how a claim is treated and reimbursed. Learn the differences between plan excess types.

What is Co-Insurance?

21. November 2017

Understanding expat medical & travel insurance terms is hugely important if you are to fully appreciate what is and more importantly what is not covered

How costly is an accident abroad?

18. July 2017

If you're weighing up whether it’s worth covering yourself with travel insurance next time you head overseas, some newly released figures from InsureandGo may make that decision easier for you.

Parents GBP 35K Medical Bill After Daughters Holiday Crash

01. February 2016

A British woman been left with a GBP 35,000 hospital bill after she nearly lost her leg in a horror moped crash on holiday in Thailand.

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