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Talking To Kids About Cancer

This FREE booklet is available for viewing or download

Talking To Kids About Cancer

An often overlooked issue is the impact a cancer or critical illness can have on our children.

“Talking To Kids About Cancer” is a well researched and insightful FREE Booklet published by The Cancer Council Of Victoria and covers key topics essential for all parents confronted with their or their childrens’ diagnosis.

The book contains invaluable information and is considered a 'must-read' for anyone affected or believes they could become affected by cancer.

Read or download the book.

Topics covered in the book include :

Reasons for including children in discussions about cancer
How children might react at different ages
Ways you can support them

Talking about the diagnosis

Processing a cancer diagnosis yourself
Sharing the news with children
When a child has cancer
Words you can use
Typical questions and possible answers Involving others

Talking about cancer treatment

Ways to understand and discuss cancer treatment
How cancer may affect the person with cancer and the entire family
Managing emotions
Tips for supporting the family and maintaining routines

After treatment

How adults and children may react when cancer treatment is over
Continuing open communication with children
Responding to children’s expectations
Re-establishing family routines

When cancer won't go away

How adults and children may respond if cancer advances
Ways to talk about ongoing cancer and the possibility of death
Words you can use
Making the most of the time left
Resources to help bereaved children

Further support and information

How to find professional help
Contact details for support organisations
Recommended reading for children and adults
Glossary of cancer words for younger and older children


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