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What is Co-Insurance?

21. November 2017

Understanding expat medical & travel insurance terms is hugely important if you are to fully appreciate what is and more importantly what is not covered

Dive Instructor Fighting For Life After Stroke

11. September 2017

Dan Johnson, 39 an Oxford University maths graduate and dive instructor fights for his life after a massive stroke without adequate medical insurance.

Emergency medical airlift from Mauritius

25. August 2017

In April 2016, an expat family in Mauritius faced every parent’s worst nightmare when a bad headache soon proved to be a lot more sinister for their 10 year old daughter.

How costly is an accident abroad?

18. July 2017

If you're weighing up whether it’s worth covering yourself with travel insurance next time you head overseas, some newly released figures from InsureandGo may make that decision easier for you.

Parents GBP 35K Medical Bill After Daughters Holiday Crash

01. February 2016

A British woman been left with a GBP 35,000 hospital bill after she nearly lost her leg in a horror moped crash on holiday in Thailand.

24 Year Old Suffers Major Brain Injury Without Insurance

01. February 2016

Owen Auskerry from Scotland tragically suffered a brain aneurysm (a burst blood vessel) whilst in Thailand. The medical costs rose steeply very quickly and concerns over his long-term care forced his family to turn to crowdfunding for help.

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