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BWW Workers Accept Detrimental Pension Benefit Changes

Workers at BMW, who make the iconic Mini and Rolls-Royce motor cars, have accepted a revised offer over the closure of their final salary scheme.

1000 Final Salary Pension Schemes Face Going Bust

A new report highlighted in a recent FT article from the Pensions Institute has shown up to 1,000 defined benefit schemes are at ‘serious’ risk of falling into the Pension Protection Fund.

UK Supreme Court Ruling On Divorce May Open Pensions Floodgates

A controversial Supreme Court ruling could see thousands of ex-wives and husbands pursuing their former spouse for pension pots years after they divorce

GBP 5bn Pension Hole At Tesco After Worst Year In History

TESCO has revealed a ballooning pension deficit as property write-downs and changing business practices push it into the biggest loss in its history.

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