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Fed Tightening To Trigger Market Tremors As Liquidity Evaporates

Time to hold on to the 'investor-hat' ?

Complacent investors will be hurt as Fed raises rates, says BlackRock, as managing director warns central banks are running out of ammunition to deal with next crisis

The smooth ride investors have enjoyed in a world of ultra-loose monetary policy is coming to an end, according to BlackRock, which warned that complacent investors could be left floundering in a world of evaporating liquidity when the US Federal Reserve begins to raise interest rates.

What Can Investors Learn From Current Market Trends ?

The impact of oil prices

If you’re parsing how to benefit from lower oil prices and play global currencies, remember that cheaper energy and a stronger US dollar are good for the world, but not everyone in it.

Less expensive oil prices help consumers to spend, stimulating the economy. Meanwhile, the stronger USD dollar helps global growth, even if it comes with short-term downsides for US stock market and corporate earnings.

Remember that different companies will be affected differently and position your holdings selectively.

Japan - Rise & Shine

Japan - Rise & Shine

Japan Rise & Shine

Over the years, one has learned to be a little wary of putting out bullish investment notes on Japan. The financial writing landscape is littered with the graves of bull notes written by those who thought this time was different. Headlines such as “The sun also rises” were often penned at the end of impressive stock market rallies but on the eve of a major sell off.

GBP 5 bn Pension Hole At Tesco After Worst Year In History

Tesco to close 43 stores and scrap 49 developments

GBP 5 bn Pension Hole At Tesco After Worst Year In History

TESCO has revealed a ballooning pension deficit as property write-downs and changing business practices push it into the biggest loss in its history.

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